How to approach a shy writer

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    Hate the thought of someone reading your first draft? Here’s how to approach a shy writer.

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    Brilliant @Sian. I know so many writers who are shy. I would never say they don't want to share their work, it's more in some cases it's very personal. I'll be keeping these tips in mind for them.

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    Thanks @Josey! Most of my writer friends are as quiet as me and we rarely show each other anything! But for those around me who always showed a lot of interest, I always wanted to explain to them that it wasn't a reflection of lack of trust or anything, there were lots of other reasons! So hopefully this might help a few people : )

  • My bestfriend is always starting a new story, and he always shares it with me, but when I´m working on something and he wants to read what I just wrote... I get uncomfortable, not because I don´t want him to know, is more like I´m afraid of him judging me. My stories are getting more mature, and I don´t want him to think I am going through something or anything. I usually don´t share anything about my writings, but for him is a sign of distrust.

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    @MaryMalone Mary to me that is completely natural and I absolutely sympathise with you. I've withheld stories from friends for the exact same reasons - that it kind of strays into content that can be very private and not really fitting for the relationship you have with that person. If he sees it as a sign of distrust, you can always nudge him to the post to show him you're not the only one who does this!

  • @MaryMalone That perfectly describes why I don't show people my work, or at least my novels. My work just keeps getting more mature, and it's not always dark, but it's rarely very light-hearted. And I know what the people I would share it with (i.e., my family, the only people I talk to XD) are partially expecting it, based on my personality and the few things I've let them read in the last few years, but it's still like ermmm no.

    Over the last year or so, though, I will say that I've become slightly more open in talking about my writing.

  • @typical_demigod I know, right! The truth is, now I share more stuff with him than I used to, but still I find it pretty awkward.

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    I must admit I'm not much of a shy writer myself, even though I'm socially awkward at times and very introverted. I love making stories up on the spot and I write short stories as presents sometimes. I guess I have never written anything that is deep, dark or unexpected of me; all of the short stories I've written have been very light-hearted.

    But most, if not all, the people close to me that write are very private with their writing, so it's good to have a guide on how to deal with their secrecy. My strategy so far has been "Keeping an offer on the table", asking from time to time but never insisting or getting angry.

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