The Walking Dead

  • @queent I still need to watch the two last episodes of this season, but the whole Negan arc and what comes right after is definitely my favorite part of the comics, so... O.O

    The graphic novels are in no way less intense than the show, but I would recommend them if you like the show. If only because there are clear differences in which characters live and die and also with how some characters are portrayed. You get to explore the possibilities of "what if we had this character instead of that character?". And the writing is fantastic.

  • @typical_demigod No, I haven't read the book. My sons have and were all, oh, the movie doesn't' go by the book, blah, blah, blah LOL I don't compare books to movies. To me they are 2 different things. The only movie I can think of right now that went pretty much like the book, even dialog, is Silence of the Lambs. Which is also a great movie!

  • @Blackbird I think the next time i go to Half Price Books I'll check the graphic novels. I read a lot on my kindle, but those I like the actual book.

  • @queent Yeah, I'd like physical copies of those. I get them digital, though, because getting the physical copies in English would cost a bit much to me. I'm in Brazil. :)

  • @queent The book and the movie are definitely WAAAAYY different, especially in terms of content and themes, but they're both good in their own ways :) (Book is better imo, but the adaptation could've been worse, and to adapt the book accurately would be difficult, because it is told from many different POVs in interview form.) But yeah, you can't think about the movie like the book. It has taken me many years to master the art of ignoring the differences (and, sometimes, depending on the adaptation, I still can't).

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