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  • Just started using Plotist and I already love it. It's nice and easy and a really good tool for writing :).
    But (cause there's always a 'but'), it would be nice if there was a category called 'chapters'. It would make it easier to mark where a chapter ends and another begins.
    It would also be great if you could add characters to the events on the timeline (and in general).

  • Plotist Team: Keepers of Code

    Hey Elizabeth!

    Glad you are enjoying it and thank you very much for the feedback! We are currently working on a way to make annotations on the timelines, so soon you'll be able to mark where chapters begin and end.

    About adding characters to events, it's something we never thought about and we will be looking into how to implement it. We'll keep you posted :)


  • Hello! I'm really enjoying the timeline feature, it's exactly what I've been looking for. The thing is I have quite a lot of elements in the project I'm working on now. I would love to be able to organize them visually, the same way timelines work for events. Tags cover this a bit, but it's hard to get into creating a bunch of characters like I want to when you have to go back and edit each one individually to get the tag in there. I'd like to see the following, if possible:

    1. Ability to create groups of characters
    2. Ability to use that group as a character (ie. create a family group and then add that entire family to a timeline)
    3. Ability to graph the relationships between characters, both in a family-tree style and for other relationships like friendships and colleagues.
    4. Ability to create a map of the locations entered. As it would be a very big task to actually create software that will allow someone to draw a map online, maybe having the ability to upload an image and then place location pins would be a good start?

    I'd also like to be able to upload a small image to serve as an icon for an event. I'm doing something in a medieval setting right now, and I'm finding I can't use most of the symbols and the ones I do want are not there.

  • Plotist Team: Keepers of Code

    Hey @AutopsyBlue! Thanks for the feedback! We'll be adding your requests to our feature list and see how we can work on them.

    About grouping elements, we've been thinking about it before, but we still don't know what would be the best way of doing it. And when you say you want to use them in a timeline, would you be interested in how those groups form and dissolve? For example, on the timeline we did for Star Wars: A new hope, many of the characters go together most of the time but groups do change, so having just one track for a group would not have worked there.

    About the maps, we would love to have a mapping tool as well. Your idea of tagging images is actually a cool one. In case you are looking for such a tool now, many people in the forums use Inkarnate

  • Oh, that's a good point. I was thinking more along the lines of an organization as a character, such as a medieval house, a corporation or a religious order. But you're also right that even then the actions would be carried out by individuals, so it may not be that useful to have a group act as a character. I hadn't seen Inkarnate before, it looks good, I'll definitely check it out.

    One other thing, and I'm not sure this is the right place to report this, but I can't seem to edit the names of timelines.

  • @jaycano If I may weigh in on the 'grouping elements' discussion. I have been thinking about that also.

    I think it would be great if, instead of (or maybe alongside) tags we could add related elements. For instance, when you create an event, it'd be cool to be able to 'tag' which characters are involved in that event and the location where that event takes place. Likewise, it'd be great to be able to 'tag' other characters in a character bio; whether they're family or from the same faction. Or be able to create 'faction' or 'family' as elements and 'tag' characters belonging to those factions.

    @AutopsyBlue Being able to rename timelines has been disabled this version, but it'll probably be back in the next one.

    And I also recommend Inkarnate. It's a pretty cool map maker and I hear they're coming out with a bunch of new features in 2017.

    I love the idea of being able to upload a map and tag locations in it.

  • @Blackbird @AutopsyBlue By tagging everything together (i.e., characters & locations & whatnot), it almost sounds like what you can do on Hiveword. You can make a chapter, then what locations, scenes, characters, etc. are a apart of that chapter.

    @AutopsyBlue If you want something to use for a family tree, my go-to is Family Echo. It's easy to use, and there are features you can use to see at a glance a particular trait about a person (e.g., birth/death dates, profession, etc.).

  • Plotist Team: Keepers of Code

    @AutopsyBlue As Blackbird said, we unintentionally removed the option to rename a timeline in this version but we will be bringing it back soon.

    @Blackbird I cannot say much at the moment, but we are working on something similar to your tagging idea. I think you will like it :)

    @typical_demigod Family Echo looks really neat! We should definitely do something like that on Plotist. And thank you for pointing out Hiveword, I'd never heard of it before.

  • @jaycano Oooooh, awesome!

    @typical_demigod I was kinda going off from the tagging system in our RP sites. We can tag characters and add locations to posts. I'd never heard of Hiveword. I'll check it out sometime.

  • @Blackbird I think attaching elements to a character and location has already been done through timelines? Also thanks for the timeline-naming thing.

    @typical_demigod I already use Family Echo, but it is limited in some respects because it's built for real people to find people they're related to, not storytelling. For example they don't allow sibling incest, which is frustrating when trying to do things like the Greek or Egyptian gods, royal European families and anything based off of those subjects. Also it's annoying to have to create multiple profiles for your characters across multiple platforms, especially if you have a lot of characters.

    Will also be checking out Hiveword.

  • @AutopsyBlue Using timelines to attach elements to one another works... Depending on how you're building your timeline.

    it'd be nice to be able to manually input related characters locations and the like. Right now character profiles have a "Related Elements" section; which I assume lists elements that share a timeline with that character (?)... However, that doesn't work too well for me seeing as I have at least one timeline where I list ALL my characters. So I have literally every single event listed on my characters' profiles regardless of whether it directly involves them. Which causes clutter and confusion.

    And you're welcome. :)

  • @AutopsyBlue said in Feedback for Plotist version Adams:

    @typical_demigod I already use Family Echo, but it is limited in some respects because it's built for real people to find people they're related to, not storytelling. For example they don't allow sibling incest...

    Haha, yeah, I've had a problem with that before...

    It is limited, but it's the easiest free thing I know of, which is why I suggested it. I know there are others, but I don't necessarily have the links to them anymore, and I've never felt like downloading them to try them out, because I'm lazy :P (Also, I'm usually not working with really large families or over several generations.)

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