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  • Hello!

    I'm currently in a group of developers that are writing a story together remotely, and Plotist is probably the best tool for this I've seen so far. I really love what it could provide for us.

    However, our work is confidential, and we'd want to have a private project that only we can see and collaborate on. Or, if only one person can work on the timeline, at least only those of us with the link can see the timeline.

    Is there currently support for making a project "private" for the community, but still visible for select people?

    I think plotist could be an excellent tool for professionals in many different fields, but not if everything you do with it is public.


  • Plotist Team: Community Storyteller

    Hello Chris!

    First off welcome to Plotist! Your comments have brought a massive smile to my face, but let me answer your questions!

    We are still in beta, and many of the features you are requesting are on the docket. Our next version will be out soon (very, very soon) and is the start of the next round of features, and UX fixes. What I can reveal is that one of our biggest goals is to allow collaborative projects and will be in a future version.

    What we can recommend while waiting for collaboration features is to try the following: have the group share the account. While this is not the most perfect of elegant solutions, you can make the project private, and everyone will be able to see the timeline, elements, and notes. The one thing we suggest is to only have one person modifying the timeline at a time, as it does not track across sessions.

    Just know that the ability to collaborate is one of the biggest features we are going to be working as that is a big goal for us.

    Hope this helps! And bring any questions you have to us and suggestions as well. In the end, we make Plotist for ourselves second and our users first.

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