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  • @simon @Josey I feel like I'm obligated to share Noisli, since we're sharing programs that provide white noise ;)

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    @typical_demigod another awesome tool to add to that list!

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    November 10: Inspiration: Emotions do more than just explain how a character feels. Emotions trigger physical reactions both internally and externally. Check out this rather interesting classification of emotions from Plutchik.
    alt text

    I'd recommend looking at where I [found this](https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/the-how-and-why-sex-differences/201212/periodic-table-human-psychological-adaptations.

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    November 11: Dare! Think of the most cliche scene you can. Put your characters into that scene and have them practice a little anarchy.

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    November 12: In celebration of my comical train journey today, I bring you another dare! Put a date and time as a deadline (or meeting time) where instead of making it on time, your characters are held up by traffic, overly crowded trains, or some other transportation being late.

  • @Josey This is so funny - this happened to one of my characters right at the beginning of the story! First he missed his flight because he was talking to someone that was really big in his field of work, then his second flight was delayed because of troubles on the ship he was waiting on. The scene where he talks about it:

    “Lucas! You’re late!” Arkour cried as the door to the ship’s Command Center opened.

    The lieutenant looked at the ship’s second-in-command. He opened his mouth, but before he could speak, the pale woman at the comms desk did:

    “Blame it on customs.”

    “That isn’t even funny, Scott.” Lucas shook his head and muttered under his breath. His voice wasn’t all congested anymore. “No, I was minding my own business this morning, when there in front of me is Harper O’Dell. I couldn’t just leave.”

    “Who’s that, again?” the pale woman, Scott, asked.

    “An awesome lady. So you can’t just walk up to someone famous, because that’s rude, but I didn’t have to, because she needed directions. And I actually had no idea where she was trying to go, but I figured it out quick enough.” Lucas walked across the CC to stand near the navs desk.

    Arkour shook her head, looking down at her console. “You would do that. Did you get her number, too?”

    Lucas laughed. “No. I did miss my shuttle, so I had to catch the one going to the Centaurus, and then I had to catch another one here. That’s quite a story.

    (I cut off some of it because it wasn't what I thought he said for what happened, but anyway)

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    @typical_demigod lol. Gotta love how that works. And man, the lines at customs can be a nightmare!!

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    So this past Saturday, the entire Plotist team took part of The Night of Writing Dangerously for NaNoWriMo. The result? More words added to stories, and a serious lack of sleep! :D And a small side effect. A few days missed here. This will be a mega post, to cover the missed days, and to add a big challenge to you!

    November 13, 14, and 15 Attempt to get a good night's sleep! It may not be easy to plan for, but it will empower your writing this month. I promise!

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    November 16: We're never distracted, ever! Though I would argue that it's 3% hard work, 90% not being distracted, and 7% finding inspiration, humour, ... like this! alt text

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    November 17: You're over halfway there, and even if you're no where near where you want to be for your word count, keep pushing! To help, today we bring you a picture of something adorable.

    alt text

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