Tip Tuesday Round Up: Remedies, rest and rejuvenation

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    A weekly round up of writing advice and inspiration Each patient’s illness is a narrative – symptoms as the beginning, diagnosis as the ending – and a middle that weaves a coherent and irresistible path between the two. This aptitude for narration is essential to those doctors who go on to write, but it’s a […]

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  • Plotist Team: Community Storyteller

    Something that perks my interest here is Charlie Brooker.... doing surreal stories. I know him as a sarcastic news based comedian. I have to check out Black Mirror now..

    Totally shows that you do not have to stick to one "genre" or "style" as an author.

  • @Josey I haven't regularly watched Black Mirror (although I've always been interested), but when the new season came out I ended up sitting in on a lot of episodes with my sister. I LOVED the style! I'd say it's worth checking out. ^_^

  • Plotist Team: Community Storyteller

    Show three on my list of shows to watch!

  • Plotist Team: Timeline Master

    @Josey I think you sometimes have to be in a weird mood to watch it, as it's certainly not the most uplifting show to watch if you're having a bad day @_@ The last two episodes of Season 2 in particular left me feeling pretty deflated.

    You don't have to watch them in any particular order as they are all stand-alone. 'White Christmas' is a good taster episode - one of the best.

  • @Sian I definitely noticed that. None of them had necessarily 'happy' endings (except one maybe), and some of them were weirder than others/more depressing in the course of the episode. They all also left something small (or large, depending) unexplained, which I think is what I like best. If you're not into that though, you might find yourself irritated by the fact that some things are left open (as my sister was).

  • Plotist Team: Timeline Master

    @typical_demigod I like the ones that leave a lot open to interpretation too - which is why I liked White Christmas so much, lots to think about there without them beating you over the head with a moral. However I was talking about the recent ones with @jaycano lately and he definitely thought these tended to moralise a bit more "in your face", like the scene with the truck driver in 'Nosedive', which felt like it didn't really belong in Black Mirror. But we've only watched 2 so far. Little imperfections aside, I'm still loving the series.

    @Josey I used to read a lot of Brooker's Guardian columns, so it didn't surprise me to see his cynicism reflected in this series, but I definitely didn't know he could be such a decent writer. Did you ever watch his 'Screenwipe'? I think he confirmed he will do a 2016 Wipe show - can't wait to see how he tackles the utter shambles of the Brexit fiasco this year.

  • Plotist Team: Keepers of Code

    @typical_demigod I love open endings :) I like being challenged and having to think about the world, not just told what I have to think. With "Nosedive" I was worried that they were going to dumb it down a little bit (trucker scene is a bit... worrying) but the second episode goes back to the old "messing with your brain" style.

    @Josey I have to agree with @Sian, if Black Mirror is all written by Charlie Brooker, the guy is a genius. He manages to create a future that doesn't feel distant and it's terrifyingly familiar. We can see the current trends there (social networks, harvesting likes, using technology to mediate relationships) but the outcomes of these trends, in the future he builds, is just scary and depressing. It makes you cry for humanity and takes a little piece of your soul with it.

    So yeah, it's an amazing series I can only keep watching, but I cannot binge on it. I need time between sessions because it really makes you think about tough issues.

  • Plotist Team: Community Storyteller

    @Sian @jaycano I love Screenwipe by the Brooker. To me, he is a comic genius. Hence why the idea of an almost serious side of his writing intrigues me.

    @typical_demigod It's weird. I can handle open ended stories if they are things like the Twilight Zone. I can't stand open ended stories in other genres or media.

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