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  • Heya! I'm totally ripping this off of the Nano threads, even though the character RAA always moved WAY too fast for me to keep up with. Anyway, I love answering these sorts of questions, and you'd be surprised by how they make you think about your character. "What's their favorite board game?" It might not matter in-story, but anything you, as the author, know, is a good thing.

    So, the way this works is fairly simple. I will post a question, then the next person will answer that question and ask a new question. The person after them will respond to the first person's answer, then answer the first person's question, then write their own. Like so:

    Q: What's you're character(s) favorite board game?

    1. -one or more character's favorite board game (and preferably why)-
    2. asks question


    1. -gives thoughts on character's favorite board game-
    2. -answers question-
    3. asks question

    You might also choose to answer in the character's perspective, which is also totally okay! Whatever format works best for you. ^_^

    I'll get the ball rolling with a question! And just because you all thought I was going to ask about board games, the first question is: What is your character's favorite season, and why?

  • Yes! We used to play this a lot in our RPG forums back in the day and it's awesome! And... I have a lot of characters so I'm going to random pick a couple of them.

    Uhm, how we did it is we answered the questions in-character and I dunno how they do it on the NaNo forums; if I'm supposed to answer as myself or as them, so I'mma do it my way and if it's wrong you tell me. :P

    Luckas: All of them except summer. I don't like being sweaty and I'm too pale for my own sake. I burn and it sucks.

    Crys: Uhm... I like autumn. I like how the leaves sound crunchy on the ground and... Apples on all the trees. I love apples.

    Annie: I like all seasons, but I do love spring. I like when the gardens are full of flowers and butterflies. And birds!

    Luckas: makes puking noises behind her back

    Annie: Oh, stop that! You like the flowers too.

    Luckas: Pfft... Maybe. Sometimes. Those purple ones kind of look pretty. Don't tell anyone.

    Q: What are the words your character never wants to hear when they wake up in the morning?

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    I love this. And just like @Blackbird I will totally be doing the answers in character. The character I am choosing is the one whose story I am going to be writing for NaNoWriMo this year, so whee! Wish me luck and say hello to Claire the Caterer.

    What is your favourite season Claire?
    "What's my favourite season you ask? I'm busy no matter the season. Many of my clients tend to work on decade cycles than yearly cycles. I am so proud of you for asking. Questions are important and the answers you discover even more so. But back to the question of seasons. When spring arrives, the dragon blooms, and many of the species on this precious planet enjoy the retreating Darkness, and the slow arrival of Light. Summer is a time where Light reigns and Darkness waits and many become more aware of what is above them. They forget the dragon who slumbers. Ha! Sorry, small joke there, which the majority will never understand. Some of my clients hide during this time, others flourish trying to use this time to their advantage. When summer and Light are slowly chased away by Fall and Darkness, I watch my clients become contemplative. I appreciate when the mundanes of the world start embracing the power of pretend, putting on obvious masks instead of the ones they wear on a daily basis. Winter is when I witness more questions forming in the minds of others. It's one of the most profitable seasons for the what-ifs I do so love. But to pick one would be a discredit to the beauty of the one who sleeps."

    What are the words your never want to hear when you wake up in the morning Claire?
    "To answer this question, I would have to sleep and I am way too busy to do that. Don't tell my clients though, they like to see me a something smaller than them, something weaker, easier to control. I want them to keep their delusions. It's an important and precious gift. I can't however leave your question unanswered so.. How about when my husband refuses to let my little lies become the truth? That should be enough of an answer for now."

    I love Claire, and my question to add: If you character could change one thing about themselves, what would it be and why?

  • I love Claire! She has such a strong personality! And I wanted to answer with my Shadows Rise characters, but I feel they don't know me well enough to answer random questions for me whereas my usual cast will do whatever because I've been writing them for six years and they're just used to my weirdness. =.=

    If your character could change one thing about themselves, what would it be and why?

    Crys: "Physically or emotionally? Emotionally, I guess I just wish I had more control of my actions, that I didn't act on my emotions as much as I do. Physically I would definitely change..."

    Everyone else in unison: "The freckles... "

    Ali: "We know, you hate the freckles! For the millionth time, you can't even see them!"

    Jake: "And everyone thinks they're adorable. Of all the things you could ask for, if you had one wish, you'd really just change the freckles?"

    Crys: "Oh? And what would you change about yourself if you were me?"

    Jake: nervous chuckle "I don't mean it like that, love. I mean... Maybe you'd like to see what it's like to have eyesight, you know? See colors, the stars... Things like that."

    Crys: "It... Doesn't bother me." shrug "The freckles bother me, even if I can't see them, or really know what they're like."

    Jake: chuckle "Alright, I guess that's fair." scratches head "As for myself, I'd like to maybe not be so impulsive, especially when I'm angry. And you know, that half of my ear Evin cut off... I'd love to have that back if I could. Don't tell him, but I feel self-conscious about it sometimes."

    Luckas: "I'd like to be taller. And maybe I'd like a little more empathy. Just a little. Like, I don't to be a sap who just feels everyone's pains and..."

    Crys: glare "Ehem..."

    Luckas: "YouknowwhatImean! I don't want to completely change what I am. I like what I am, but... Sometimes I wish it was easier to understand what people around me need... From me..."

    Crys: "Aw, you do okay, Luckas. I'm sure Ess would agree if she was here."

    Okay, so, Crys actually is an empath, as in; she feels everyone's emotions all the time. I guess she momentarily took offense to Luke's answer. It also cracks me up how much she hates her freckles when she can't see them and, being blind from birth, has no actual concept of what they are. lol

    Also, I'm sorry about all their banter; I'm literally incapable of controlling these guys.

    Luckas: "Don't apologize for us, we're not children!"

    Well, you're not going to, Luckas. Someone has to! >.<

    Sorry. :P

    Q: What is the worst scene you've ever walked in on?

  • @Blackbird @Josey I think it's a person-to-person variation in whether you answer in-character and as the author. I was partially thinking of another thread while I did this where you answer as author... I'll edit the main post in a sec :) For me personally, I may or may not flip around them both. Tuesday I was doing something like this and it was easier for me to write in the character's perspective, but last night I was doing this and it was easier to write as an author, so.... (inconsistency FTW!)
    @Josey Claire sounds fascinating.... I thought I would add that before getting to my main post!

    Ha! That was humorous. I love how all of the characters had a personality flaw as well as a physical flaw. Is the personality part something they would ever work on on their own, or would they always think about fixing it but never actually do anything about it? If that makes sense.

    What is the worst scene you've ever walked in on?

    Rus: shifts awkwardly It's probably not important. It's definitely not important.

    Michael: Around what time did it happen?

    Rus: Er..

    Dylan: Is this that time when I walked in and then you were-

    Rus: Yes.

    Michael: smirks

    Dylan: smacks Michael At least things are better now...?

    Rus: ...

    Nelly: The worst scene? I mean.... I don't think I've walked into anything bad before...?

    Benito: I once walked in while my younger sister was cussing me out to one of her friends.

    Nelly: frowning I don't think that's something to be amused about.

    Dylan: I would smack my sister if she did that.

    Michael: raises eyebrow I doubt that.

    Benito: It was mostly funny because of her reaction.

    Nelly: Then that's not even a bad moment! You're supposed to be talking about the worst moment!

    Benito: Okay. I accidentally overheard Quick having an argument with the lieutenant because he wanted to tell the Fleet about the skirmish.

    Nelly: That.... that explains a lot. Okay, I think the worst scene I've ever walked in on was when I visited my brother for the first time in the hospital after the accident. D:

    Michael: I got stuck in an elevator once for four hours and one person vomited and another person had a panic attack and almost passed out.

    Rus: .... deep sigh

    clears throat and that's probably why I should stay in author's view. Only two of them even answered.

    Anyway! Question: What's your favorite genre?

  • @typical_demigod No, please, let your characters ramble on. I'll feel less guilty over mine doing it. lol

    To me the difference between answering as myself vs answering as them is... I think I'd answer more truthfully, or at least more fairly than they would to certain things. Their views of themselves are a bit askew in my opinion.

    As for their personality flaws... Crys has to work on controlling herself as much as possible due to her enlightenment (her magical power; what we call it) being empathy. Giving in to emotional impulses past a certain point can end up in tragedy. She still doesn't think she's good enough at it. Jakey and Luke try. Luke is actually a lot more empathetic than he gives himself credit for and Jakey does okay thinking before acting until he gets protective. Then all bets are off and he goes completely stupid.

    And... Uhm... I don't think my guys would understand that question or give very interesting answers, so I'll leave it for someone else. ^^

  • I have a number of characters that I could tap into, but I'm not feeling well, which is prompting a mood. This mood is best channeled by Gedeon (also known as Silverbrand the Mad).

    Favorite season: "Winter. Easier to track, and blood tastes cleaner."

    Words you don't want to hear in the morning: "Not right now." Stares absently in the general direction of his mate.

    What would you change about yourself? : "No..." Slides back the bolt of his fifty caliber sniper rifle while smoothly rolling his shoulder, then chambers an armor piercing high explosive round.

    What's the worst scene you've ever walked in on? : "You don't want to know." Stern ice blue eyes reflect a life of surviving atrocities, none of which are appropriate for civil conversation.

    What is your favorite genre? : "You mean reading? Pft." Drawing deeply on his cigarette, burning the cherry bright orange, he seems lost in deep contemplative thought. "Hey, is porn a genre?"

    Question for the peanut gallery (his words not mine): "What would you do if someone you loved and trusted betrayed you? Not a little silly fucking lie. I'm talking year after year of deceit and then the inevitable blade to the spine with a nice 'fuck-you' twist at the end before spitting in your face as they step over your bleeding and broken life, marching on a warpath to go burn down everything you ever loved."

    (From the Author: He goes Sorry if it doesn't keep up the spirit of the post, but I'll never deny my characters the opportunity to be themselves. Still, hadn't imagined this little exercise would open him up like that.)

  • @Occi That did go dark fairly quick XD I just wanted to remind you that as well as the questions, you should also post a response to the last person who posted a question about their answer to the questions! Even if it's just something simple like, "I also enjoy that boardgame". :)

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    @typical_demigod Gah, good point. I didn't do that. I shall in the future!

  • @Josey I totally didn't catch that when I was reading them! Oops! Lol

  • Haven't done one of these before. Thus far, the characters presented by each person who has posted in this thread seems rooted in the mind of their creator and nuanced. I was inspired to just let Ged run wild. I think the last person with an answer before my post was you @typical_demigod . I got the sense that one of your characters was more focused on an embarrassing incident, one was either ashamed or innocent of their memories, another couldn't see past their own ego (might be the wrong word), and all have a number of secrets they're trying to protect to some degree.

    If I've misunderstood, sorry about that.

  • @Occi It's no problem! I know a lot of people are probably new to this, but probably you'll get into the habit pretty quickly! ^_^ (And I hope you don't think I was saying anything about how you did perspective. Letting the characters run wild can be a good thing and is more or less the point of this thread!)

    I think you got it pretty good! (Not sure if any of them have egos, though Michael's a little fuller of himself than the other characters, I think. Which one gave you the impression?) It's not so much they have secrets as none of them have interacted together as a group. Dylan and Michael are really close, and Nelly and Benito are really close; Rus is good friends with Michael and acquainted with Dylan, and I'm not sure where Nelly and Ben stand with the others because I'm still working out whether Dylan or Michael works with them XD

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    @Blackbird - Oh yes. When I do a character now I have two answers to every question. The truth, and the character's perspective. ;) And man empathy can be a pain! Good luck Crys!

    @typical_demigod Holy cow... I want to understand what these people are hiding!

    @Occi - lol. Porn a genre? Gedeon is a trip. And wow, one hell of a question.

    Now to bring back Claire for more questions!
    Pst, Claire, what's your favourite genre?
    Fiction. Any and all. Though I do enjoy a good self-help book. Have you ever noticed how no two self-help books on the same topic have the same advice? Haha. That cracks me up and makes me want to pinch the cheeks of every author out there. Hmm, there are authors and creative people here right? They have cheeks too. I have work to do!

    And what would you do if someone you loved and trusted betrayed you?
    The only entity I love cannot lie to me. Ever. I on the other hand, well I just constantly ask what if? Not my fault no one understands the subtly of that simple question.

    And a question from Claire the Caterer to everyone: What is your favourite meal?

  • @Josey Haha! They're not really hiding anything, I don't think. XD Dylan and Rus are private people, hence why they didn't really answer (and Rus hasn't come to terms with what he walked in on, even though it was several years ago...). Michael is pretty neutral, and I think Ben is too, but I haven't delved as far into his past as you'd think. And Nelly's an honest girl, so you can trust her :3

    (I just realized one of them may have done something out of character D': Oh well.)

  • Claire... Don't pinch my cheeks. hides that makes me incredibly awkward, lol. o.o

    I love self-help books too, though, I think they're hilarious. Especially ones about relationships. Some of them give some really bizarre advice.

    I was in the middle of responding when @Josey posted hers, so I'm leaving Luke's 'response' to @Occi 's character. And his answer.

    Luckas: points at the previous response "I like that guy. He seems like a bit of a tortured soul and all of that. I'd hug him, but I'm afraid he'd stab me."

    Since when are you afraid to get stabbed, Lukey?

    Luckas: "Since now. Also, what is 'porn'?"

    ...You don't need to know that.

    Ehem. Does my characters responding count as me responding? I'm confusing myself with all this chatter in my head. lol

    Question for the peanut gallery (his words not mine): "What would you do if someone you loved and trusted betrayed you? Not a little silly fucking lie. I'm talking year after year of deceit and then the inevitable blade to the spine with a nice 'fuck-you' twist at the end before spitting in your face as they step over your bleeding and broken life, marching on a warpath to go burn down everything you ever loved."

    Luckas: "I'm pretty sure I'm the only one with experience in this, in a way, so allow me... Speaking as someone whose mother not only didn't want them but deliberately delivered them at an extremely young age into the hands of an evil cult for the purpose of being systematically tortured possibly to death, making the thought of pure and simple abandonment or even a straight up death pleasurable to the frail mind of a four year old child, let me tell you... I'm hunting that bitch down and when I find her she'll know just an ounce of the pain she put me through before I'm kind enough to let her die." clears throat "I'm not sure that's what you had in mind there, buddy, but I don't see a greater betrayal than one coming from the person who is supposed to be the one who loves you and cares for you no matter what from the moment you come into existence. I was in her hands, completely helpless, my father's blood was on me after SHE HAD HIM KILLED, she left me for death and I waited for her come back for me like a fucking IDIOT, I called for her like a pathetic little shit because for the longest time I couldn't believe she left me. Even then I thought she somehow loved me. SHE WAS SUPPOSED TO LOVE ME." eyes start to emit a bright red light

    Oh dear God, Lukey, breathe... Calm down. Let's go have some cake.

    Luckas: breathes, eyes gradually turning black "I'm fine."

    Ookay, good. sigh

    Luckas: "So that answers it, huh?"

    Yeah, that answered it. Let's go into something a little less traumatic now. What is your favourite meal?

    Luckas: "Cake, Duh."

    Annie: "Lukey, I don't think cake counts as a meal."

    Luckas: "How can you say that? I thought we were friends!"

    Annie: "Okay, cake counts. Gee, you drama queen. My favorite meal is vegetable stew. Because that's literally all we have most of the time. Being a healer... Has its ups and downs."

    Crys: "Apples."

    Annie: "Do you people know what a 'meal' even is?"

    Crys: "I was just checking if you were going to complain to me too." snicker "Roasted boar and baked potatoes. We'd have that plenty when I was a kid. It's still my favorite actual meal."

    Jake: "You know, when I was living in the castle sometimes they'd make this fish, rosemary, something or other dish. It was pretty darn good. I think that's my favorite."

    Q: What's one thing guaranteed to make you smile no matter what?

  • @Blackbird Rus just wants to let Luckas know that he sees now he has a functional relationship with his father. AND CAKE IS A MEAL. I stand behind Luckas 100% on that. You can't go wrong with cake.

    Q: What's one thing guaranteed to make you smile no matter what?

    Rus: Cooking. I love cooking. I don't even care if my food tastes any good.

    Michael: No offense, but your food is weird.

    Rus: glares Maybe you need to adjust your palette.

    Dylan: loudly Anyway. Breakfast food. If you give me breakfast food, I'll be a very happy man.

    Michael: pretend confidentially He doesn't even eat breakfast. You know what always makes me smile? Being around you. kisses Dylan

    Nelly: looks at Benito expectantly

    Benito: That's too cliche for me. Sorry.

    Nelly: I'm picking up that shift tonight. I'm not very hungry.

    Benito: raises eyebrow Okay.

    Nelly: pointedly ignores Benito The thought of home always makes me smile. And rain. Don't you just love the smell of rain? And the sound? I love rain.

    Benito: rolls eyes I like gardening.

    Rus: I knew I was born into the right species. Zero desire for relationship drama.

    Michael: What, now you're never getting married?

    Rus: Nope. I'll just adopt. Much simpler.

    Question time! Who is your significant other; or, if you don't have one, who do you consider to be your closest friend?

  • Plotist Team: Community Storyteller

    @typical_demigod - Dooh. I do that with characters when I have so many it's like .. wait wrong character. Woops! Also, lol the cliches... they are real! :D

    @Blackbird Haha. It's probably wise not to become the focus of Claire. She's a willy one. Also I love how Luckas comes across as innocent and naive yet so .. violent at the same time. I'm really wanting to smack his mother.

    Back to Claire.
    What's one thing guaranteed to make you smile no matter what?
    I need to remember to set up the meal plan for Riot's wedding. She does remind me a little bit of another I know, but back to your question. Have you ever had that moment, that light bulb moment, where you have figured out the solution to something? It could be you have figured out the right way to mix ingredients into a cake, or it could be the moment you realised you could end the reign of someone you consider horrific. Maybe it is the moment when you realise that you could be the one in power, helping guide the masses. That is a close second to the event that makes me smile no matter what. Now I could say my husband is what makes me smile no matter what, but where is the creativity in that? No no, I get a real smile every time I watch the mundanes of the world thwart those who seek to rule them from the shadows. I also get a real smile every time one of those seeking to rule the mundanes from the shadows succeeds in overcoming the mundanes' need to come to a consensus about what they just saw. Maybe you and I need to play some inter-dimensional chess. I have trillions of creatures we could play with.

    Who is your significant other?
    Oh, well, my husband. He can be so stuck in his ways. Always wanting to ensure the Truth of the matter comes out. I love playing inter-dimensional chess with him. He's predictable. And I do Love him very much.

    Question time!
    Do you believe in magic?

  • @Josey That's why my friend says she hates that she can't hate him. He does such horrible things sometimes, but he's such a sweetie at the same time. :P

    Luckas: waves at Rus "Glad to help, buddy. See, maybe I should write one of them self-help books. I'd title it 'You Think You've Got It Bad? Well, Listen To This...'. What do you think?"

    snort How do you even know what a self-help book is?

    Luckas: "I'm a telepath. Do you honestly believe I could live in your mind and not occasionally peek behind that fourth wall over there? "


    Luckas: "Also, ice cream cake. When is that going to be a thing in Valcrest?"

    You don't have electrical power... or freezers... I dunno, Lukey. Leave your cake out in the snow maybe?

    Luckas: "Ooooh..."

    Ehem... I also love the sound and smell of rain. It's great for sleeping. Napping on a rainy day has to be the best thing ever.

    What is inter-dimensional chess? O_O

    I don't know if I want to play that. I once dreamed I was playing giant wizard chess, like at the end of the first Harry Potter book and lemme tell you, being smashed by a giant stone knight is not a pleasant thing AT ALL.

    I'm not good at chess. I love it, but I'm not good. >.>

    lol, so... do you guys believe in magic? :P

    Jake: turns invisible "Uhm, a little bit, yes."

    Crys: "Are you invisible?"

    Jake: "Yes."

    Crys: "Does it bother you I'm never going to be impressed by that like everyone else?"

    Jake: "A little."

    Crys: chuckles

    Q: What song (or type of song if you don't want to be specific) would you sing on a karaoke night?

  • @Josey I would also like to know what inter-dimensional chess is like.

    @Blackbird So, does Luckas know how his book ends, then? Also, I don't think his self-help book would help anyone. I think it would make them more depressed, to be reminded that there are really people that cruel in the world.

    Q: What song (or type of song if you don't want to be specific) would you sing on a karaoke night?

    Rus: Definitely the theme song of my favorite TV show. Which is a duet, which means that someone has to volunteer to do it with me.

    Michael: exaggerated sigh No one else speaks Fregemepai. I'd do rap. Definitely.

    Dylan: coughs

    Michael: sidelong look You know I'm a great rapper.

    Dylan: You're excellent, hon.

    Rus: You're worse at rap than I am at singing.

    Michael: You're just jealous because you're tone deaf and I can sing well.

    Dylan: And I wouldn't do any karaoke. I don't want to embarrass myself in front of everyone.

    Michael: You wouldn't embarrass yourself.

    Nelly: Country music.

    Benito: I wouldn't do karaoke because then I can make fun of everyone.

    Nelly: You're such a jerk.

    Benito: shrugs

    Question: What's your favorite piece of technology?

  • @typical_demigod Hmmm... Maybe sometimes he thinks that he does, but it's unlikely.

    Luckas: "Why would I want to know that? I'm not some masochist who wants to torment himself constantly with thoughts about the future. And if you think my story would depress people let me tell you what happened to my twin brother..."

    Lukey, no. >.>

    Not a good question for my guys. passes it on

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