The Future of the Graphic Novel

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    Last week I was delighted to attend The Future of the Graphic Novel panel event at the London Southbank Literary Festival, featuring artists Isabel Greenberg, Tom Gauld and Catherine Anyango. Here’s how the evening unfolded. The panelists Being both a comics and mythology nut, Isabel Greenberg always had an instant follower in me. After devouring […]

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    I love going to panels. You get a chance to hear round table like discussions about all kinds of topics. While I am not an artist with lines, I try with words and their advice seems to be so true for people who do not develop graphic novels, but also written work as well. Also, seriously jealous of you @Sian for going to this event! :D

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    I love these kinds of panels and totally think there should be more of these open, affordable events for aspiring writers, graphic novelists etc. etc. rather than the often overpriced workshops. You can really glean a lot from them, and one of the girls I went with was really inspired by it. She'd been taking her drawing very seriously, but she saw that the natural, casual, sketchy drawing style of some of the panelists had been really popular, and you didn't need to have flawless drawing in order to make an impact.

    I will keep an eye out for similar stuff in future, where it's more about the process than one particular work of authors : )

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    @Sian Many of us aspiring individuals only see the finished product and this can lead many of us, me included, to think we have to perfect from the start. The amount of rough drafts, general sketches, etc that happened before never seems to cross our minds. I love these types of insights.

  • Plotist Team: Keepers of Code

    I love that they want to break with the idea of graphic novels as only for sci-fi/fantasy "geeks". I'm preaching to the choir here, but I do believe that graphic novels are a really powerful medium to explore more than just episodic superhero exploits (which I also love). Just have a look at Blankets or Wrinkles, for example.

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