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    There is something important you need to know: we are building Plotist for you. There is no point in us creating what we think is perfect if it doesn't work for you. Take it as if we were your personal development team, and we were creating, for you, that tool you always wanted and would make your life so much easier.

    We want to know about anything that would make your life easier if it existed. Is some feature missing? Maybe things are not working exactly as you expected? What about the look and feel? And of course, if you think something is just perfect and shouldn't change, let us know so we don't change it!

    We are a small team (only 2 developers!) so things might take some time to show up on Plotist, but we assure you that we will consider any request and we will work hard to make it happen.

    If you have any ideas or suggestions, just create a new thread on this category and tell us what we could do to make Plotist better for you :)

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