Character Respond, Answer, Ask (October Edition)

  • What is the Character Respond, Answer, Ask?

    Have you ever had a character and you thought, "How do I get to know you better?"

    Well, you're in luck. The point of the thread is to get to know your character better, through both serious and ridiculous prompts, with the added bonus of other people getting to know your character, as well!

    Here's how it works: I'll post a question at the bottom of this thread. The next person will come and answer that question, and then leave their own question. Person #2 will come on and think, "That's an interesting question and I want to answer it!" Before they can do that, however, they must post a response to the previous person's answer. Then they can answer the question the first person posted, and then they can leave their own question.

    Example scenario: I ask What is your character's least favorite board game?

    Person 1: Answers the question (i.e., Charlie really hates [insert board game])

    Leaves their own question.

    Person 2: Responds to the answer of Person 1 (I.e., wow, Charlie has a really intense hatred for that board game! Is there a particular reason, or does he just really hate it because she can?)

    Answers the question Person 1 left

    Leaves their own question

    And repeat!

    A couple (important) notes:

    Style doesn't really matter. You can answer it from your, the author's, POV (Charlie dislikes Risk because blah blah blah), or you can answer it from the character's point of view (Charlie: I hate Risk. That game is so stupid).

    Don't feel obligated to answer all the past questions, whether you're new or you're a regular but you haven't been able to participate lately. If there are a couple that really speak out to you, then feel free to answer them, but you don't have to. Also, because sometimes threads can get long and unruly, you don't have to read all the previous posts unless you really want to. Just have a response to the person above you, a question for the person below you, and you're good to go!

    Respond to the post above yours. As with the questions, you don't need to respond to everyone's previous posts, but you need to at least respond to the post above yours! That kind of interaction between the author/character is part of what makes the thread fun!

    It's okay if your characters get a little distracted and suddenly your post is longer than normal. Happens to everyone. Some people more than others, but I promise, it's okay. Feel free to relax. Seriously.

    If you still have any questions, don't be afraid to ask! I promise we aren't as scary as we look. :)

    Here's a question: Q: Do you like spooky stories? Do you have any that you're willing to share?
    (since it's that season again :P)

  • alrighty. gonna finally sit down and post here. >.>

    Q: Do you like spooky stories? Do you have any that you're willing to share?

    Magnus: We had Lescus, growing up. He was the bastard child of Tydas and Frouk and haunted the woods. He followed children and if they were out alone past dark, he ate them.

    Ana: Not very spooky.

    Magnus: I can't tell it the way Sigmund did. >.>

    Fisk: Anything involving a mally is usually bad.

    Ana: Sure, but not always spooky.

    Magnus: Then what do you consider spooky?

    Ana: shrugs

    Adrinne: They say Her Lady Martha's spirit still haunts the old summer palace, up near Sabia.

    Ana: raises brow

    Fisk: Does it?

    Adrinne: I've never been. It's certain the woman wouldn't have been allowed near the Juleo. After she was left to wander, her spirit remained near the summer palace, since it's where the ashes were scattered. At first, nothing suspicious happened, but after her granddaughter died, life there was more... uncertain. Any women that went into labor at the palace had still births, and the gardens didn't grow anything except weeds. It's the spot that the Riots of 704 started. Also, candles don't light on the palace grounds.

    Ana: She's still there, even though there's no one to torture?

    Adrinne: I don't know. The family version is she follows us to anywhere we go, but she's most powerful at the old summer palace, so we don't go there. frowns Ulso knows we have bad luck.

    Fisk: Could be the mally, yea. I'm pretty sure when my father dies, that's what he's going to spend his time doing. :|

    Magnus: What, not travel straight to Ulso?

    Fisk: I hope he does. Make my life easier than dealing with his mally. >.>

    Q: What's your favorite beverage?

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