Worldbuilding Respond, Answer, Ask (September Edition)

  • What is the Worldbuilding Respond, Answer, Ask?

    Are you a fantasy writer? A science fiction writer? A historical fiction writer? A fanfiction writer? Are you struggling to figure out what exactly your world is about?

    Congrats! You found a thread that will give you prompts to think about aspects of your world you may not have thought about before. How does it work?

    I'll leave a question at the end of this post. The first person to find the thread will post an answer to that question, and leave a question at the end of their post.

    Then another person will arrive. They'll read the first person's post, leave a response (maybe compliment something, or ask a question about something) to the first person's answer. Then, they'll answer the question that person left from the perspective of their world, and leave a question for the next person at the end of their post.

    Something like:

    Q: What is travel like in your world?
    P1: Easy. Portals are usually kept in temples, and getting a mage to open it to a specific location is as easy as having a couple coins.
    P1: leaves question How frivolous are the rich of your world?

    P2: responds to P1 Wow, that sounds nice! Are there any side effects to using portals?
    P2: answers P1's question
    P2: leaves their own question

    And so forth.

    Some notes!

    Your world doesn't need to be a secondary world to answer. Writing a novel set in 1735? Is your story set exactly tomorrow, but with werewolves? Though many questions here tend to apply to secondary worlds, there are plenty others that you can use to fit your modern (or other) setting. If you keep getting stuck behind either questions that can't apply to your world (maybe you don't have magic), then feel free to either pick from a previous question that does apply to your world OR ask for other participants to try posting some more world-neutral questions.
    (If you're socially awkward and don't want to do that on the thread, feel free to PM me and I'll help ya out :) )

    Sometimes posts get long. It happens. Don't flip out. If it's what you need to explain a concept fully and understandably, then do so. On that note:

    Try to write about a paragraph when you post. It's hard to respond when you write two sentences about X element of your world. On the same hand as long posts, sometimes a topic doesn't require a lot of explanation. And that's totally okay! But try not to let one-sentence-answers become a habit.

    Topics can be whatever you think of.

    Don't forget to respond! Responding to other peoples worlds is part of what makes this thread as much fun as it is! Even if all you have to say is "That sounds so awesome" or "That's so weird O.o" -- say it!

    If you have any other questions, feel free to ask!

    A question to start us off: Is there anything in your world along the lines of crazy superstitions or weird popular beliefs?

  • Before I start getting back into the WRAA routine, I'd like to quickly note that I've pretty radically changed the era in which this world is set in-story. Before, it was the mid-2030s. Now, it's the mid-2060s. Why, you may ask?
    The answer is simple, my fellow Plotter: For The Aesthetic [tm]! And now, I've changed a few things, but I'll explain those when we get to those questions, I suppose. ^-^

    Q: Is there anything in your world along the lines of crazy superstitions or weird popular beliefs?

    I suppose there are some weird beliefs, though it would depend on your perspective (and whether you'd somehow missed over a century of alien sci-fi). Firstly, it's that the tremisians have been the 'grey aliens' that have been reported in supposed sightings since the decades/century before they revealed themselves. This may not seem that strange to humans familiar with the lore, as there's a passing resemblance between tremisians and the greys, but aside from that there's very little evidence to back this claim up.
    An even weirder belief (distantly related to the Mandela effect?) is that tremisians are green. Fair enough, it's not exactly common to see them strolling down the high street, but images have been broadcasted worldwide that show evidence to the contrary. It's quite possible that this is because the images depict them in a desert on their homeplanet known to be covered in ashen-coloured sand, and the planet itself doesn't allow for much light to pass through to the surface. Further adding to the confusion is that tremisians are colour-blind.

    In an inversion to this question, a feature of the tremisians often overlooked but possibly weird according to interpretation is the fact that there are religious tremisians. Due to their advanced civilisation and the fact they've combined cultures in a somewhat erasive way, humans have assumed they are the equivalent of the borg mixed with vulcans. They're not. In fact, in direct defiance of this stereotype, one of the most popular religions amongst tremisians is a nature-oriented group that (simplistically speaking) worships trees and rocks amongst other things, and reveres arretians (the other sapient alien race in the story) as beings more naturally (pardon the pun) attuned with the world.

    I can't think of any more off the top of my head, so I'll leave it there :)

    Q: Has there been a part of your worldbuilding that's changed drastically since the first drafts (eg. key aspects of races/factions, era in time, historical events of great significance, etc.)?

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