Music for inspiration

  • I'm trying really hard not to start any more playlists, but... This is a good song for Jen. Especially in regards to dealing with her father. It's pretty much their relationship in a nutshell, tbh. :|

  • I just really enjoy this song. Also it kind of reminds me of a couple of characters, but I'm debating how well it fits them.

  • this gives me hard Nelly/Benito feels headdesk

    I've been having issues where I keep revisiting Earthlings instead of working on D&D and next week I'm going to focus on D&D because I want to finish that first :|

  • cough Crys and Sean cough

  • Writing Jo and Gerald is an exercise in self-punishment and these upcoming chapters make a good case for why that is. :|

  • Have some Arial music >.>

    (also can I just say that I LOVE this girl's voice.)

    tbh I feel like Arial is going to end up leading the story, at least with the path it's on now. Which this could change because not much is set in stone at this point, but atm she's the one doing most of the important stuff, so... (Though the pacing of other arcs is def something I'm thinking about, which could add different dynamics.)

    Not that this is a bad thing; just not the route I was expecting :P

  • When I've had way too much coffee and still need a little boost, my go-to song

  • Earlier was talking about the things I'll have to put Dani through before she's the leader the Wolfpack needs. And now I found this.

    Yep. This goes on her playlist asap so I can... Not obsess over it for about three or four episodes lest I do something I regret. :P

  • I know I've shared the original version of this on here at some point, and I was looking for the original when I found out the band released a stripped version and... it just fits Adaellae so much better than the original does, I'mma be honest >.>

  • plozi/rus music >.>

    this one is especially painful but who am I kidding most of their music is painful to me :/

    i thought the next song would be cheerier but after actually listening to it, i realized this song actually didn't fit them and now you will not be listening to that song.

    so have this one last. :P

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