Feature request

  • Hello, I've just started with the website and I have noticed a couple things that I would like to suggest changes for.

    First, the ability to delete an element straight from the sidebar. As it is I either have to save the timeline, go back to world, go to elements, delete the particular element, go back to timeline, open timeline, choose to edit timeline. Or I have to add the no-longer-desired element to the timeline in any place, select that element, click to edit, change the element into something else (such as a new character, an event, or any other thing that I plan on adding to the timeline at some point), save it, and then drag it up to the trash can icon to remove it from the timeline so that the updated/changed element can be used at a later time.

    Related to deleting from the sidebar, I wish that I could edit from the sidebar. The option for "quick edit" only appears when I click an element in the timeline. If I am not yet ready to put an element in the timeline, I still have to stick it on there somewhere, make the edit, then remove it from the timeline.

    Finally, I really wish I could just click on a specific circle on the timeline and have the option to make an event (and maybe also to "select existing" event), and then when I save that event, it saves directly in to that circle. Instead I have to make a new element, save the element, and then drag that event to the circle I want it in. (and I don't know why, but I'm apparently pretty bad at it because it usually seems to take me a couple times of dragging the event over before it will "snap" into the circle and not just disappear.) And this concept could maybe be expanded to the offer the option for making a new element/choosing an old element when someone clicks one of the "drop" squares. I could work on the timeline with the sidebar minimized! (Too much stuff on a page starts to distract me, so I prefer a clean interface whenever I have the option.)

    So yeah, that's it for now. Sorry for the long post!

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