Logged In On Another Device?

  • Hi, guys! I saw a couple of other topics like this, but I wanted to give an update on my experience in case it helps!

    Sometimes my timeline says I'm logged in on another device, so the edit button is grayed out.

    This has happened before, and I've noticed that it usually does it (for me) when I accidentally hit 'go to notes' while in the process of editing an event. I get the box warning about losing progress and stuff--but even if I hit cancel (or save), and then go to notes, it will still block me from editing.

    I've also noticed it will unlock itself after enough time has passed. It just happened for me after 5 or 10 minutes of waiting. (I'd logged out/back in, cleared my cache, and re-launched Chrome. I was still locked out but it fixed in the time I wrote this.)

    Just wanted to let you guys know what's up, in case this is a bug! Thank you!

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    Absolutely invaluable feedback! Thank you so much. :D I'll pass this on to @jaycano and see what he can do about this!

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