Autosaving inside the writing tool is annoying as hell

  • You advertised that in full-screen mode your chapter-writing tool doesn't leave any room for distractions, however you missed one tiny little thing on the bottom of the screen: The saving bar.
    It switches to a MOVING sync animation whilst the text is gonna be saved and after a few frames on my computer instantly switches back to the idle "in a few seconds"/"a few seconds ago" state.
    The problem is that all these rapid visual changes are capturing my eye immediately and drawing away all my attention (cause that's what moving things do) and that EVERY FEW SECONDS. This bar at the bottom of the screen makes it impossible for me to focus while writing my story inside Plotist.

    And I know that the autosave indicator has its purpose and might actually be useful to a lot of people (especially those with very bad internet) so I'd suggest the following solutions:

    1. Implement an option to hide the autosave indicator bar inside the writing tool

    2. Implement an option to turn off autosaving entirely (like how the text editor for parts of the world doesn't have autosave). But prevent your users from turning it off by accident

    I don't care which one of these solutions you choose, dear Plotist team, or if you might come up with your own one, but I definitely need to find an alternative solution for myself until this little workflow-breaking "issue" is fixed

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