The enigmatic town of Hally NY

  • "Sometimes things just appear in Hally. They're rather friendly at times." - Helena Helom (The Ossium)

    Hally New York is a town based in northern new york, near the North Woods. The Ossium takes place in the 70s right around the time of the Vietnam war, just after the Cold War scare and the residents of Hally are still reeling from the aftermath. Hally was created as a place for the families of the scientists working on experimental weapons technology for the US government.

    Sometime around 1956 one of their experiments went wrong, killing majority and injuring the rest. While evacuation was performed not all of their bodies were recovered. Their families received a letter from the President and a half-priced coupon for the Victoria street diner. Despite their grief, no one complained about the coupons. Victoria's has the best blackberry pie. Their slogan is "good enough to forget about your close family members recent and (probably) horrific death!"

    Alba Roche moves to Hally just after she dropped out of college. Her brother went missing just a few months before and the trail stopped cold at Hally. So she decided to move there to find more clues about her brother's disappearance.

    When she arrives she doesn't have a place to stay so she checks into the local bed and breakfast The Sunshine Inn. That's where Hally's true plurality begins. One of my favorite aspects of Hally is the peculiar townsfolk. The innkeeper, Mr. Crozak is a nice man. A very name man. So nice it leaves you feeling vaguely uncomfortable. Paired with his tendency to not blink and pale blue eyes, well it's rather unnerving. But our darling protagonist isn't one to let such things scare her. Maybe she should. Desensitizing yourself to a place such as Hally can be dangerous.*

    *Authors Note: When I was creating Hally and its townsfolk I essentially decided to shove all the creepy goosebumps books and every book similar in a blender and then shove it in a quirky small town jello mold and stick it in the fridge for a couple hours. So. Freaky shit.

  • Hally seems like a fun place tbh >.<

    Hopefully nothing bad happened to her brother in this not-questionable town.

  • @typical_demigod Yep nothing happened. Hally is totally fun and normal and not going to kill you or cause psychological trauma. Nope! :)

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