Preventing the "I'm not done yet" roadblock

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    Over the past week I've gone back and started re-reading a few series that I haven't read in several years. As I knew the series, the flow, etc, I hand picked which books I wanted to read. Certain books created certain emotions from certain characters which I love to revisit on occasion. It dawned on me as I was reading book 10, in a 19+ book long series, that it was one of the series that actually put me off finishing one of my books. Not because I didn't feel I could write, and not because I didn't think I could produce a good story, but because I found myself feeling like I had to already have the timeline, layout, structure, and everything for every single book in the series I wanted to write, before I could write it.

    Now that I have had a chance to go back and confront an unknown, and unconscious bias I had placed on myself, I realize that I only have to have a brief idea of the world, the characters, the entire story before finishing the books. Characters will influence every book they are in, things will change. But if I just focus on one story at a time, I can get it done! :D

    So, just a little reminder, you do not have to have -everything- ready, you can just write and see what happens and still be a tiny planner (not always a pantzer)! :D

  • Yeah, I agree. One thing I've done in the past is whenever I wrote a full-fledged story, og fanfic etc, I always left it so that while another follow up could be possible. It wasn't necessary or expected. More a pleasant surprise. I absolutely hate ending a book with a cliffhanger or making it open-ended in such a way where I would have no choice but to continue. It puts pressure on me in an area where I'm supposed to have control.

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