Different types of character stereotypes

  • I think just like everyone else I have a couple of different favorites when it comes to both character stereotypes as well as different tropes and dynamics.

    Some of my favorites include big strong character whos a huge sweetheart but doesn't know how to communicate and duo in which one is a bright loud sunshine and the other is more serious (bonus points if the serious one thinks the sunshiny one is The Best).

    What're some of your favorites?

  • physically lethal male coupled with intelligent female, and couples that are genuinely in true love and don't deal with common drama of less sound relationships. Those sorts of pairings show up everywhere in my work >.>

  • @occi :) Jamie and Claire

  • @occi Couples that kick ass and love each other while doing it are amazing. It leaves me feeling genuinely happy and with this goofy grin. (Writing love is one of my favorites)

  • @toasha Are those characters from a story you read or something you wrote, either way, I'm genuinely curious

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    I admit it. I have several. I think I am almost influenced by mood, but for me it also depends on the genre. When dealing with my romances (I do so love them), I am all about the monsters being monsters. For some reason redemption stories rub me the wrong way. If I have an alien, let the alien be true to their nature and culture.

    I can totally get behind the huge sweetheart @Sunny, especially if it's like the RAWR MONSTER, but I luffs you bats eyes and swoons. Haha.

    I also admit to being a bit like @Occi when it comes to certain types of relationships. There seems to be an almost trope within certain romance genres that make me cry, and one of them is the whole constant miscommunication. I can get behind a couple instances, but if every 2 chapters the characters are not talking, or having issues that could have been resolved by talking, I get annoyed. It's okay the first few times, especially if they come from different species, or cultures, etc, but after a while, it gets grating.

    One of the things I absolutely love is having a character that is underestimated. So, if I work with vampires, or things that live long, I love the idea of a character that looks young, but could probably out think, out fight, and out maneuver.

    Another huge stereotype I love to create is one that is the complete antithesis of me. It's fun to take a character and go "If I were in this situation I would do this." and my character is all "Hah, no. We do the absolute opposite." And I watch what happens. Exploration in a safe way!

  • The great majority of my characters are those types of people who are just deep down something you're not expecting. And I think due to the nature of what I write that's a necessity because... These characters are going to be doing some questionable things and causing a lot of grief to people who don't deserve it and if I want people to still care about them after they see that side of them, I also need to give them something more. :)

    Generally, creating people that you probably should hate, that you maybe want to hate, but just can't hate, has become my schtick at this point. :P

  • @sunny said in Different types of character stereotypes:

    @toasha Are those characters from a story you read or something you wrote, either way, I'm genuinely curious

    OK, if I tell you this and you spend the next year of your life reading through the entire series....
    you're welcome.


  • @blackbird Me too. For all their flaws, all the things they've done (especially of their own free will) makes them seem all the more endearing to me. A large majority of my favorites is like this

  • @toasha I knew from the moment I saw the cover what to expect. My brother watched the show and sometimes I would join him, even if I didn't know anything in detail. It always seemed like my bag of books but I never got around to watching it. Maybe I'll have time to read it

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