The obligatory 'What are you reading' thread

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    It had to be done!

    I'm currently FINALLY getting round to Catherynne Valente's 'The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making' which could be more of a kid's book depending how much of a kid you are... but it's her useful beautiful, lyrical style with lots of humour and lovely strange fairytale elements. The little girl September is a fantastic heroine so far.

    But also recently finished a book by Sarah Moss called 'The Tidal Zone' which is about a stay-at-home father experiencing his school-age daughter's health scare. It was a gorgeous, gentle, harrowing, hopeful read - one of those books that feels very comforting despite the subject matter. It also felt like a really good male perspective from a female author... though I'd probably have to get male confirmation on that! Oh and @jaycano you remember you weren't sure about the cover for this one? It's actually a painting, not a photograph! By this guy:

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    Wow! That guy is really impressive! They do look like photographs!

    To stay on topic, I'm currently reading Arcadia by Iain Pears and so far it's amazing. I think it's one of the best books I've ever read. It has elements of sci-fi, fantasy, detective and YA, probably more I haven't realised. And it's a book about stories, with a lot of self-reference and admiration for the written word. I'm definitely in love with this book.

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    Considering how fast I read, I worry that I might end up having to update this every day! But, I'll give it a go. ;) I'm a massive fan of the romance genre, so get ready to be bored to tears. ;) I'm starting to reread the Hell Squad series which is by Anna Hackett. It's a do or die sci-fi where aliens have taken over Earth. Tonight, I'm going to be consuming Marcus, the first in the series. :)

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    @typical_demigod Just wanted to let you know I finally picked up Frances Hardinge (The Lie Tree), I'm only about 4 chapters in and I'm LOVING it so far. Love the science, the descriptions and I think Faith is wonderful so far, it's been a while since I've related to a character so much! I feel like my expectations are too high now!

  • @Sian Really!? I haven't read it yet, so let me know how it goes! Frances Hardinge is soooo good at keeping you guessing! It's why I love The Lost Conspiracy/Gullstruck Island so much. When she revealed the villain I was smacking myself for not realizing it, especially because I knew it couldn't be the other guy.

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    @typical_demigod I finished it yesterday! I don't often fly through books so quickly anymore but I couldn't wait to read it every time I got home from work. It was great, I loved just about everything about it. There were a couple of chapters towards the end of the book which felt a little rushed, but it could have just been me rushing through it. Except for that I have no complaints! So I definitely definitely recommend it and I'm on the Hardinge wagon for sure now. Do you think I should read Fly By Night next? Is it a series? Is Gullstruck Island the one with the birds? I read a short summary somewhere about birds having some control over souls... or something like that... but when I read the Goodreads summary it sounded completely different.

  • @Sian YAYYYY! I need to add it to my booklist.

    Yeah, Fly By Night is a series, but it's fantastic and I loveee the characters, especially the goose XD In Gullstruck Island, there's really nothing to do with birds (that I can remember), but someone might have confused it with the fact that the soul can sort of leave the body of particular people, so to say.

    In short, Gullstruck Island is about a young girl who is the member of a despised tribe on the island and cares for her older sister, who happens to show all the signs of being part of a small, respected group of people who can make parts of their consciousness leave their physical body (they can take one or two sense, go two miles away outside of their body, see what's up, then come back to their body). However, when a man comes to test the girl's older sister to find out if she's actually one of these types of people, everything starts to go haywire and they have to flee for their lives.

    Fly By Night is also about a young girl, Mosca, who runs away from the abusive uncle she lives with and runs into a man who is also fleeing (the authorities) named Eponymous; they go on an adventure and take down a duke and get in a lot of trouble. There's also a goose who is, expectably, mean. The second one, Fly Trap (I forget what it is in the UK, Midnight something I think), is about them trying to not get caught after what went down in Fly By Night by running away to the other side of the country-- only to find themselves trapped in a city until they can pay the toll.

    Tbh, I'm just waiting for the sequel to Fly Trap, because there are a lot of open strands to leave you hanging in both books, but I don't know when the next one is coming out. (I just know there is because when I first read them I was fangirling and I emailed her and she said that there was definitely another one on the horizon XD but that was several years ago now. I'm a bad fangirl and I don't follow her very closely.)

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    Hey @typical_demigod I just finished my second Hardinge! I went for ‘A Face Like Glass’ because I’m trying to borrow a second-hand copy of ‘Fly By Night’ from @Niffer instead of buying it.

    Anyway! I loved it: it definitely wasn’t as neat and maybe polished as Lie Tree, the ending sprawled a bit and the writing felt a bit more aimed at a younger audience whereas I really felt Lie Tree could be most ages. But! Even though it was different in so many ways I just enjoyed it in a completely different way. Her descriptions were absolutely lush and her imagination is completely bonkers in the best way! And I like her heroines a lot and the way she twists your thoughts about characters that at first look destined for villainhood (or sainthood!) Anyway I definitely recommend adding it to your reading pile. I reviewed more on my Goodreads.

    Have you read Cuckoo’s Song? I was thinking about that or Gullstruck Island next, while I wait to try and pounce on Jenny’s copy of Fly By Night!

    BTW you said you were waiting for a Fly Trap sequel – was there any more news on that? Because I noticed Hardinge has a new book due out this year and it doesn’t look like a sequel??

  • @Sian AHHH I Haven't read any Frances Hardinge books D: I need to go get a bunch on hold at my library but I have the worst memory.

    Yay! I think A Face Like Glass is one of her older books, so I could see that. And her new story doesn't look like a sequel, unfortunately. (Looks like it could still be interesting? Definitely has her vibe XD) I looked it up, and apparently when Fly By Night came out, they contracted her for 3 sequels, which means there should be two more.....!

    I have not read Cuckoo's Song yet, but I have read Gullstruck Island, and I love it soooo much! Probably because it was the first story I read by her and it had such an influence on my own writing, but still. There's a lot of interesting elements in the world and the characters are all great and the twist at the end is (which is common with her, I've found) the one that makes you smack your head against the wall because it was so freaking obvious but you didn't realize it until she explicitly showed the twist.

  • I'm definitely going to have to check out some of the recommendations here. :) I'm currently reading Robin Hobb's third Fool Trilogy and a book that's a retelling of Hamlet, but from Ophelia's POV with a twist in the storyline. I've been trying to catch up on my writing/game backlog more than read, yet I'm also dealing with burnout too, so maybe it's time I refueled that fire.

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    @Rose What's the Hamlet retelling called? I quite like classic retellings - I recently read 'The Children of Jocasta' which is a retelling of the Oedipus & Antigone myths but through the voices of Jocasta and Ismene instead of the more famous former pair. I recommend it if you like these kinds of retellings! It's a really accessible read.

    @typical_demigod Okay - Gullstruck definitely on my list! I love a good twist! There was a sort-of twist in A Face Like Glass too, it was utterly brilliant.

  • It's called Ophelia. It's written by Lisa Klein. Thank you for the recommendation! It sounds interesting.

  • I'm one of those terrible people who will read several books simultaneously and never has enough bookmarks xD That being said, I currently have 'Leviathan Wakes' by James S. A. Corey and the first Game of Thrones book on my nightstand, with several other books scattered around my room such as M. R. Carey's 'The Girl With All The Gifts' and Lord of the Rings. Basically I'm trying to catch up on some of the classic/go-to series', while discovering new ones xD

  • Oof, been a looooooong while since anyone commented here. Anyway, for some reason I feel like updating my 'currently reading' status; at the moment I'm in the middle of 1984, Guards! Guards! (Terry Pratchett), The Girl With All The Gifts (M.R. Carey), and I just finished The Wrath And The Dawn with the intention of reading the sequel The Rose And The Dagger (Renee Ahdieh).

    Anyone else reading anything good?

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