Hi... Techie Type Writer Simon Here...

  • Hi. I help put in eCommerce sites into corporation by day, and by night (or more often early morning), I write, and create software to help people who help writers (is the idea, anyway).
    I'm checking out Plotist mostly because I have a podcast called Tech for Writers as well as my more generalist podcast Writers Journey Podcast - and, well, this is Tech for Writers that I wasn't aware of before.
    The other reason being... this might be really useful for me as a writer, and there's a community. So what's not to love?
    Looking forwards to trying things out and getting stuck in (he says, cracking virtual knuckles, because his own knuckles steadfastly refuse to crack).
    I work from the UK, and pop back every couple of weeks to France to see my wife (and a fairly new pooch called Noodle - guess the breed!) - so you might say, France is where I live.
    Ooh! Markdown. Still my beating techie heart.
    So Hi!

  • @huggyfee Hi stranger!!!!!

  • Welcome to the HMS Plotist, my friend! :) Feel free to ask any questions you have

  • Hey @huggyfee! It's great to see you here! Hopefully we'll be seeing you more around the forums, too :)

    What types of things do you usually write?

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