Character Respond, Answer, Ask (March Edition)

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    Titans are both an alien race and a universal ranking if that makes sense? The first titans were the strongest, smartest and over best the universe had to offer; they all settled together and eventually created the species Titan

  • @Sunny It's great to see you here!

    Adaellae is a great deal of fun. I'd say she's my favorite, but all of these guys are my favorite tbh.

    Puck: Coloring books? Never tried it. I'm up for anything, except for a dinner date with Helom

    With the context I have, coloring, compared to a dinner date with Helom, will probably be extremely enjoyable to you. Coloring books don't throw food at you on a date, for one thing.

    Also I totally thought Titan just meant they were from the moon Titan and they were all humans >.>


    Fallon: (vaguely amused) Ceamath, if Arial knows martial arts it might be more than that.
    Shaan: What do you mean?
    Fallon: (shrugs) Depends on the discipline, really. If she's doing something like Aikido—(at Shaan's slight frown) the one I told you to check out, by the way—then she might just throw Ceamath at whatever's making the racket.
    Shaan: Wouldn't that hurt?
    Fallon: Depends again, like if you're good enough at Aikido throws that you can do it without hurting them...or if you're arsed about safety.
    Shaan: (frown deepens) How can you throw someone without hurting them?
    Fallon: Dunnae ask me, this bitch does muay Thai—we're all about smacking people in the face with our elbows.

    Arial: I don't know what any of these fighting styles are, but I would be willing to throw Ceamath at the trouble.

    Ceamath: raises brows Can you at least do it so it doesn't hurt?

    Arial: Well, no. But it would be great fun for you, I'm sure.

    is equally puzzled and curious

    William: why tho :|

    Jake & Fallon: (inhale)
    Alex: We get it. Fuck the establishment, we'll eff and jeff till we're fucking blind and all that shit.

    Arial: rolls eyes at this entire conversation

    Actually, tbf, some of these peeps might be considered adults in Teslal. Hm. Maybe they are allowed to swear in her book. lol

    Not gonna lie, I thought Id'en was going to say something about wondering why people called John should be arrested. Because that's exactly what I would've done xD

    Id'en: Children aren't allowed to speak at the table. Anyway, it became clear what they were talking about quickly enough.

    For some reason it's amusing to watch them pronounce random American words and then proclaim them weird.

    Q: Is the word Caramel pronounced Car-a-mel, Care-a-mel or Car-mul?

    William: I don't know that I've ever heard this word in the first place. :/

    Arial: It's okay.

    William: What is it?

    Arial: A sweet food.

    William: Huh.

    Ceamath: Care-a-mel sounds the nicest.

    Arial: I'm lazy. I just say car-mul. shrugs

    Adaellae: Does it make a difference how you say it?

    Id'en: Oh, I hate this stuff. :| Uhm. Car-mul, I guess.

    William: Well, that's two votes for car-mul, so I guess I'll call it car-mul? :/

    Q: Are there any words you find odd or unusual to say?

    Ceamath: People that have and then actually use last names are strange, and it's odd to call someone by their last name.

    Arial: looks at William

    William: I don't have a last name. You just make it into a last name. rolls eyes

    Arial: shrugs It's a common name. I want to make sure you aren't confused with, I don't know, mm, William the Butcher from Long's Isle.

    William: It's still not a last name.

    Ceamath: She just said she calls 'care-a-mel' as 'car-mul' because she was lazy. Why do you think she's going to say 'of' whenever she uses your full name?

    William: That's fair, I guess.

    Arial: Think of it this way; if you have children, you can call them 'of Woodsworth' too and turn it into a family last name. >.>

    William: I'd rather my child, or children, I guess, were called 'of Wakegloom'. Much more interesting place than Woodsworth.

    Adaellae: frowning No, I'm pretty sure that either one of those is a proper surname. It's used for identification, and it's a name which is said last.

    William: I think it can't be a surname unless it's a family name. :/

    Adaellae: less room for argument this time It's a proper surname, sir.

    William: :/

    Ceamath: You're entirely too opinionated about this.

    William: :/

    Id'en: Have you ever hear the word 'humongous'?

    Adaellae: Sure.

    Id'en: That's a weird word to say.

    Adaellae: silently says the word

    Id'en: No? Just me?

    Adaellae: It's not me.

    Id'en: Oh.

    Arial: I like saying the word 'mesmerizing'. ^_^

    Ceamath: It's not a terribly odd word, though.

    Arial: No. But maybe a bit unusual, though. When was the last time you heard someone say it?

    William: About ten seconds ago when you used it. :)

    Arial: Don't mock me, Mr. Woodsworth.

    William: And people say I'm condescending.

    Ceamath: Oh? Who? I'd like to meet them and discuss what other poor traits you have.

    William: If you don't know my poor traits by now, I have to doubt our relationship.

    Ceamath: shrugs It's easy to hide poor traits. I might learn something new about you.

    I've looked this up and William has a toponymic surname. Eventually, in-world, they might reach a point where they consistently don't use prepositions preceding a last name anymore (not to mention pass names on from parent to child!), but the time it takes to reach that point will be largely regional. Some parts of Teslal (esp. among the nobility) would've already reached this point. :P (what rabbit hole do you think i fell into? >.<)

    Also, I want to point out that the only character that actively introduces herself with her surname is Arial. She's also the only one who actively uses other people's surnames after she learns them, and not just when clarifying who is being talked about. Tl;dr Everyone should've looked at Arial when this came up. >.>

    Q: Have you ever been mesmerized by something? If so, what was it?

  • Can I join in? I'm not entirely sure how this works, tho

  • @theworlbitesdust

    Yes you can.

    And the rules are in the first post, but... To put it simply you:

    Read the latest post. Respond to what the person says about their characters; doesn't need to be an elaborate response, but just... Something.

    Answer the question the person left with your characters.

    Leave a new question.

    And there ya go.

  • Oh, Okay!

    N: Yes, most definately! It, was more so a he, and he was certainly a Zan.
    Zan: Yes. N.
    Alex: Um... I guess? My leather jacket, maybe.

    Q: What's your favorite hobby?

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    are you participating in this as well?

  • @theworlbitesdust Not at the moment. I usually do, but this month I've been kind of absent.

  • @Blackbird
    Aw, oh well! Why not?

  • @theworlbitesdust Writer's block right now, basically.

  • @Blackbird
    I know a good site called Fighter's Block that might help, if you want? It's pretty cool.

  • @theworlbitesdust I appreciate, but... I have my ways of handling it. :)

  • @Blackbird Coolio! Have fun with that, then!

  • @typical_demigod
    Oh, Okay!

    N: Yes, most definately! It, was more so a he, and he was certainly a Zan.
    Zan: Yes. N.
    Alex: Um... I guess? My leather jacket, maybe.

    Q: What's your favorite hobby?

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