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    Please take a few moments to review our Code of Conduct. We expect all users to adhere to these points. Failing to do so will result in your post being deleted or even a ban from the forums.

    No Advertising, or Spam
    There is a specific place to share your work, but we’re not here to help you sell Avon products, or your latest blog site.

    Respect others
    We’re here to help, not to tear people down. Rejection is way too common in this industry, and we would rather be a force for good, than for offence. If you are going to criticise someone's work or opinions, do it in a respectful and constructive way; just saying that something is bad or wrong doesn't help anyone.

    Stay on-topic
    Every thread has its point. If you have a new idea that is not on topic, create a new thread!

    Delicate / Taboo topics
    Discussions about politics, religion and other sensitive topics are allowed, as we believe they are important for any writer and their work. However, we will not tolerate personal attacks based on politics, religion or any other of these matters. It is OK to discuss the pros and cons of a political system or the key elements of a religion, but insulting or trying to discredit someone else's beliefs, showing disrespect to that person, or, generally, any attack against that person or their beliefs will be severely sanctioned.

    Illegal topics
    While we allow respectful discussion and conversations about sensitive topics, there are certain topics that we will not tolerate discussions about. First and foremost child abuse or child pornography. If it is against the law, you can guarantee we will enforce it.

    Mature/explicit content
    While we will not censor discussions about sex or topics such as gore, please be aware that many people will be offended, disgusted or otherwise have a bad reaction to those discussions. Also consider that many of the PAW are underage, making this content unsuitable for them. We do not allow sharing pornography or any other explicit content in the form of pictures or videos. Links to these images or videos, as well as discussions about these topics, are allowed as long as they are not in conflict with any of the rules in this code (for example, they should be legal). If you are going to share or discuss something for mature audiences, please use the label mature to warn other users before checking your topic.

    Think before you post or respond
    Before taking offence to something someone has asked, or responded with, take a moment and think. Body language, the little smirk to show sarcasm, etc, is not visible in text. If you believe someone’s post is intentionally inflammatory, then flag them for one of our mods to look at. If you are not sure of the intent behind the text, politely ask the post’s author to clarify.

    Updated: September 5, 2016

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