I'm new...not new to writing, but new to here.

  • Hi, everyone. My name is Quinn...And before you ask, I'm female. I've posted part of something I was working on, before my A.D.D. mind said 'oh, look over there. There's a new plot bunny...let's see where that goes.' I have an entire file of things like that. I'm hoping that I will get inspired to finish something soon.
    Oh! I'm a writer of vampires, were-creatures, shifters (yes, there IS a difference), mysteries, murders and the odd Police Procedural upon occassion.
    I'm generally a timid person and suffer from a form of PTSD. I have an emotional support cat, whose name is Mika. He is sometimes my inspiration for stories.
    I live in the US...but long for Ireland, lineage being what it is. :)
    Anyway, I wanted to stop in and say 'hey'.

  • Hey, Quinn! Welcome to Plotist!

    I'm very much like that with trying to finish things too and... KITTY!

    alt text

    Ehem... But I hope I'll finally finish the story I'm working on later this year. ^^'

    Are you working on something specific right now? :)

    I hope you're finding Plotist helpful and that you'll stick around the forums! In fact, let me share some helpful links to get you started:

    If you're ever inclined to share something of yours, want some feedback, or would like to see what some of us have been up to: There's a good place for that here

    If you have some characters you want to play with or develop, you should definitely check the Character Respond Answer Ask. There's a new on every month. This is January's thread, but there'll be a new one for this month soon. ^^'

    Lovely @Josey has got an event started. It's a community collaboration and it's looking pretty interesting so far!

    If you have suggestions, feedback, issues with the app or forums, this is where you go.

    Last, but not least, Plotist has a Discord server. Come chat with us maybe? :)

    And now that I've dumped all of this information on you, I'm just gonna... Yeeeah... leaves a tray of welcome cookies and awkwardly makes her exit

  • Welcome to our island of imagination, and thanks for the info @Blackbird :D

  • Plotist Team: Community Storyteller

    What an absolute pleasure to meet you. :) I know all about plot bunnies, and I love me my supernaturals. I am an American living in the UK. Totally worth it. If we can be of any help do let me know, and once I am back from vacation i also hope to see you in our discord.

  • Welcome @qlmckenna! It's great to meet you!

    I also hope that we get to see you around some more! It sounds like you have some interesting ideas running loose.

    I think @Blackbird already gave the run down of everything else XD

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