It's a Date

  • I'm linking this one from my Deviant Art stash because it's... Well, it's long. >.>

    So here it is.

    Warning. This story contains:

    Awkward flirting.
    Inconvenient best friends
    Terrible parents
    The hand of motherfucking fate.

    Read at your own risk. :P

  • @blackbird Worth all the waiting and teasing you put me through with this scene ^_^ I love these two lol

  • Kay, so I actually did make a playlist for these two. Let's see if I drop the link here it'll embed it...

    It does not embed it. :P

    I usually try to put the songs in a chronological order to the characters or their relationships, but I got lazy with this one and didn't. shrug Some sad stuff may be mixed with some happy stuff is what I'm saying.

  • @blackbird I do this same thing!

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