Associating elements with scenes/chapters?

  • I was a little started that I didn't see anyone post this first. It may be self-evident (I sort of thought it was), but I'd really like to associate elements with story-units (part/chapter/scene).

    I'm the sort that sees timelines as tools to solving problems, and not something normally needed. Remembering a lesser-used character's name is something that is far more important for me.

    Eventually, it could be handy to also filter the story by used-elements, particularly to track particular narrative threads or character arcs.

    In particular, if we could associate characters with scenes, I'd like the ability to look at a character's information (or at least a subset of it) while I'm writing the scene. This would allow me to avoid multiple tabs and allow me to get to the information I need faster.

  • Plotist Team: Keepers of Code

    This is something we are working on. We would like to offer the option to link elements not only to stories, but also to other elements. This will be some sort of internal linking, so you can navigate to the elements at any time and update them, as you can do from a timeline.

    On top of that, we will offer a "quick view" option, so when you are editing a chapter or an element you will be able to have a quick access to your notes without leaving the editor.

    This is still work in progress, and there are a few other cool things we will be implementing related to this, but it's still very early to give more details about it.

    Keep an eye out ;)

  • Hi, the Plotist team!

    I like your software and I really appreciate it is available for free to the occasional writers.

    But I fully agree to yam655's post: at the moment, the timeline is a great feature, but the editor is not really useful. I think the following use cases should be considered as it'd be very nice to have them:

    It shall be possible to easily link single words (character and place names, items, etc.) to the defined elements. Once the mouse cursor is over a link a popup shall appear with short info about element (photo, synonyms, etc.). The links could be automatically created whenever the user types a name or a synonym.

    A single chapter may contain several events, either described or referring to. In case an event is just mentioned it shall behave similar to the above described link. If a set of paragraphs is a description of an event, it shall be linked as a whole (for example with a different background color).

    It shall be possible to enter some comments in the editor which are not a part of the story itself. Those comments shall be easily distinguished from the normal text and shall not be present in the export result. The comments may be used by the writers as placeholders ("Here I will write about X and Y when I get inspiration.") or other important notes for the future ("I must have used that wording not to reveal the twist.", "TODO: improve this section later.").

    I keep my fingers crossed for the similar features to be released soon.


  • Plotist Team: Community Storyteller

    @ender12345 You bring up some excellent points! I shall be sure that Jay gets this information! :D And keep the ideas and thoughts coming!

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