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  • I'm very horrible with introductions, but I'm going to give this a shot anyways.

    I'm Camila, but I tend to go by 'Blackbird' or just 'B.B' on the internet. I'm 27 now. Born, raised, and living in Brazil. I found this site because I decided to write a short novel as a prequel to this massive RP story me and some internet friends have going (with plans to turn that into a novel series as well) and I realized I needed to make a timeline for it in order to make things consistent with the main story.

    I'm 97% pantser and an organizational mess, so needless to say this site is saving my life right now.

    I write fantasy; medieval inspired worlds for the most part. The story I came to work on describes the conflict between an assassin clan and a group of people who specialized in tracking and hunting these assassins, mostly fueled by personal revenge. It spans five years and follows characters on both sides of the conflict. It's going to be a tough story to write seeing as there are no heroes and villains involved; both sides have their reasons, both sides commit condemnable acts in an attempt to 'win', and in the end both sides lose a lot more than they gain.

    I love character development, I love doing research... I'm not the absolute best at worldbuilding, but I'm learning... I'm a casual gamer, obsessed with music, and, well... I don't know what else to say about myself, sooo... Anything you'd like to know?

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    Hello there! Welcome to Plotist! I'm so glad that Plotist is able to help your organise. I know I have issues keeping story lines straight as well. I have so many stories, so many different plots that I needed help. It's how I found Plotist!

    Your series sounds interesting. I am currently content editing a book for a friend who should be published in a few months and the way he writes, there is no traditional antagonist or protagonist. It is literally up to the reader to decide who they want to vote for. Not easy, but I am sure you an do it!

    I am also obsessed with music to the point where I cannot function if I do not have music on. As fellow gamer, I'd love to know what games you play as well. We may have to start a game discussion in the entertainment category to discuss all that various games we like to play!

  • @Josey I'm mainly into RPGs; Dragon Age: Origins, the Diablo series, Skyrim, so on... I like games that make me fall in love with the characters. Undertale was one I recently played after seeing it all over the internet; I was pleasantly surprised with it on a story-level.

    I can't function without music myself and I often have playlists full of themes for my characters; it helps me get into their heads. Only problem is sometimes I actually start liking songs I didn't use to like just because they remind me of a character, or characters. For instance, I recently started obsessing over

    recently because it makes me think of my protagonists in the above-mentioned story, even though I don't particularly like this artist. Suppose it's not as much a problem as it just annoys me that these fictional people have such influence in my musical tastes now. ^^"

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    Haha, I understand the problem with music and characters. My spotify playlist is full of titles for certain characters. I just put it on and whoosh the character comes out. Though I also have this incredibly large sofa in my head where all my characters sit. Occasionally one gets up from the plush seat, walks in front of everything I am doing, and asks... no demands I give them attention either by developing a storyline, playing them on a tabletop, or something equally time consuming!

    And we seem to have similar tastes in games. Mass Effect trilogy, the entire Dragon Age series, and not too long ago, I levelled our @jaycano in Diablo 3 through many greater rifts. I look for enjoyable mechanics, excellent story, and if a game has both... hit me with a frying pan as I'm totally done! Perfect example is a little game called Transistor. The music is insanely good (and now I have to put it on), the game play is neat, and the story ... oh man .. not a dry eye no matter how often I play it. sniff

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    OK I definitely have to play Undertale now! It sounded like a kind of Shadow of The Collosus thing where the border between hero/villain is unclear. Is that right or am I thinking of another game?

    Also @Josey... Transistor is sitting in my Steam to-play list. Should I bump it up to the top?

    I think music is a fantastic inspiration tool and it's one that I often forget about. I like writing in company a lot so it's not always an option, but it's definitely great for helping me write sweeping/emotional scenes!

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    @Sian Transistor should be at the top of every playlist ever. For ever and ever. ;)

  • @Sian Undertale looks like a very childish game at first glance, but it definitely surprises you. And the characters are fantastic. I can't say any more than that without spoilers, but I will give you the same hint I got when I started playing: Do the pacifist run, then a genocide run, then a pacifist run again to get all the story.

    @Josey I haven't heard of Transistor, I'll check it out. Although I have an issue with my laptop not playing almost any game with half-decent graphics and I only have my laptop for games; or anything else. I was heartbroken to discover I actually can't run Dragon Age: Inquisiton. :(

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    @Blackbird It's super low graphics. :) It's almost like an old 80's side-scroller, but so much more!

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    Welcome to Plotist, @Blackbird!

    I was born in Spain, raised in Brazil, and I've been living in some other places. I'm still trying to find the best recipe for pão de queijo, the one I had when I was a kid, but I cannot find the exact same recipe :(

    As @Josey said, I'm also a gamer, so you'll see me around anytime mentions a game. I'm currently starting Mass Effect 3. I just finished DA:O and I'm going through Awakening, before going for DA2.

    @Sian Transistor is an awesome game, although the narrator can be a bit annoying. I had the same issue with Bastion. But the story and the gameplay are really, really good.

    My favourite game so far, other than nostalgia childhood games like the first Monkey Island, would be the Last of Us, followed closely by the Tomb Raider reboot. Realistic game mechanics (no enemy respawns!) with a really strong story and amazing character development.

    I'll definitely give a try to Undertale now, I think it's been on my Steam wishlist for a long time now.

  • @jaycano Dragon Age: Origins has to be one of my favorite games of all time. I'm still working on finish it with all possible character origins and all possible endings. DA2 is a great game too, although a lot of people complain that it's weak. It gets a bit repetitive at times, but it has a great cast of characters to make up for it.

    Undertale is pretty great, the only problem I had was with doing the genocide run... It's kind of painful to do after the pacifist route, not to mention some of the battles can feel downright impossible and the grinding is definitely tedious. That's kind of the point of it though and I still say it's worth it for the story.

    Pão de queijo is definitely one of my favorite things. Although I just get mine from the local bakery. :)

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    @Blackbird When you play games, do you go the "paragon" route or the "renegade" route? :)

  • @Josey It depends on the game and on the character I'm playing. Personally, I'm prone to not giving much of a freck for morals, but in games like Dragon Age: Origins I find it harder to make questionable choices because I'm playing a Grey Warden and blah blah greater good. If someone needs their kitten rescued from a fire, my character would jump right in. >.>

    In Skyrim I max my stealth and archery, join the Dark Brotherhood first given chance and assassinate everything. I also like to set innocent chickens on fire, because delayed revenge for Ocarina of Time, I guess.

    When I play Thief, because Garrett expresses he's opposed to killing, I actually try to do every mission without being seen or at least without making use of lethal force. I was actually really annoyed and restarted an entire lengthy-as-hell mission one time because I accidentally dropped a knocked out guard from a ledge and he died.

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    @Blackbird said in Er... Hello!:

    When I play Thief, because Garrett expresses he's opposed to killing, I actually try to do every mission without being seen or at least without making use of lethal force. I was actually really annoyed and restarted an entire lengthy-as-hell mission one time because I accidentally dropped a knocked out guard from a ledge and he died.

    Reminds me of trying to play low chaos in Dishonored. Started an entire section again because I ran out of sleeping darts and refused to do the mission without non-lethal options. :)

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    @Blackbird @Josey I usually play non-lethal. Morals aside, trying to finish a game without killing or even being spotted makes it even more challenging (and fun!) to play. But that's also my downfall. Every time I see a rogue I instinctively choose it, and in games like Dark Souls and others they are completely useless.

  • @jaycano I"m prone to playing rogues, assassins, etc... Also true for most characters in my stories... But some games made it really difficult to make a good rogue/assassin build. I was never able to beat the first Diablo game with any character other than the warrior. I like to stealth, though, so in games like Assassin's Creed, or THIEF, or even Skyrim, I try to do everything without getting spotted, even if I can't actually do non-lethal. It's definitely more fun that way than just rushing in and hacking at the enemies.

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    @Blackbird Rogues are the coolest! In Skyrim I was in the Thieves Guild, a cool bunch to hang around.

    There is a George RR Martin collection of short stories about Rogues and I'm really tempted to get myself a copy someday, although I'm terrible with short stories collections (I can never finish them)

  • Your story sounds really cool! Fantasy is my favorite genre and a conflict with no real good or evil side always makes me extra interested.

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