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  • I consider myself a mad artist (of wordy arts). I sing stories and write songs, and sometimes the other way around. I'm a NaNoWriMo ML, and a big fan of the Creative Commons.

    I coined the term "crapcapella" to describe my lo-fi a-capella. As someone who is a writer at heart, I've released a full song book for one of my albums. (Relating back to the Creative Commons, it was a concept album about copyright in the guise of hymn-filk and released CC-BY.) I do wish I was comfortable enough transcribing music that I could do more of this. But, writing is my passion, so that's where I focus things.

    That said, starting the first of 2018, I'm starting a "1026 song improvisation endurance challenge" where I'll be improvising three songs a day. (I wanted an even 1024 songs and needed to round up.) My focus is on what I call "story seeds", which are songs that can be explored and expanded in to a story. It's like freewriting with my mouth.

    I'm giving myself a month to get settled in to that project, then I'm adding a Milwordy. (So it starts February 1st.) This is a million words typed in the year. My writing process has changed a lot since I did my first NaNo in 2010, and this will be replanning from scratch on all of my older projects, as well as performing a rewrite of some newer projects (an actual rewrite where I only start with a blank document).

    Of course, I'll still be able to do three new projects for the NaNo months.

    The Milwordy shouldn't be that bad, though this will be my first. It's just 2740 words per day, and I averaged 3k per day (or better) for NaNoWriMo in November.

    Right now, I'm contemplating doing the Milwordy (and all 14 projects) here with a free account (and "public"), as Creative Commons Attribution projects.

    I normally work on my projects in reStrucuredText, which is a plain-text format similar to Markdown, so it is nice to see Markdown so well supported on the site.

  • Plotist Team: Community Storyteller

    I now think you like to wear really tall hats! :D

    Welcome to Plotist! First off, rock on about being a NaNoWriMo ML and wooo about Creative Commons. We do fun stuff with other communities that do creative commons. You should totally check out our stuff with ccMixter here. We're remixing the holiday through various types of Creative Commons.

    I may want to work with you to take some of the songs I have and have another singer with me. ... and I am all for helping out with anything you do as well. :D I can't wait to see what you come up with as all of those tasks seem daunting! But if we can help let us know!

    In regards to Markdown... let's just say our devs have a bit of thing for it. ;) :D

    Indeed, welcome to Plotist, and maybe we'll see you around not just here, but also in our discord! It's wonderful to have a song enthusiast with us! :D

  • For me, I kept doing the crazy one-month projects until they didn't seem so crazy anymore. I was toying with doing a Milwordy, slept on the idea, and woke up thinking it was an even better idea than when I went to sleep. I think my muse longs for a marathon.

    I may have seen the name Plotist around elsewhere, but what landed me here was seeing it on's post about remixing the holidays. Considering last Christmas I ended up making 51 pieces of sheet music, (I took one of 24 classic, public domain Christmas songs and added all-new lyrics to it specific to the person. I suffered scope creep. "But it's easy!") I had to talk myself out of doing that one.

    (Why did I talk myself out of it? Because while I do enjoy music, writing is my passion.)

    I like to say that I set the bar low for my kids. It's lo-fi a-capella. I have a Zoom H1, and my kids and I will sometimes relax and pass the microphone around while singing each other songs. I'm not against using the Zoom H1 in the car, either, which you can hear in this one. That song features the following excellent dialog:

    Me: You sing it, McDougal!
    DD: I don't know all the words!
    Me: Neither do I! It doesn't stop me from singing it!

    This past NaNo, I wrote a 75k novel and finished on the 25th. There were days when other obligations got in the way and I didn't write at all. Still, if you love something, you make it happen. I love writing.

    With regards to music, I'm a big fan of February Album Writing Month, as well as 50/90, which is a much smaller group of people that write 50 songs in 90 days. On my website, I posted a nice, even 128 songs for 50/90, though I did my best to reduce the number of songs I was counting. For my 1026 song project, I'm planning to stream most of them, and otherwise record them in a single three-song take, and then let Google handle the brunt of the lyric transcription.

  • Plotist Team: Keepers of Code

    Hey @yam655! Welcome to Plotist!

    I'm quite in awe with your productivity! (as much as I dislike that word) I'm not one to talk about projects creeping in when you start working on something, as I'm fond of saying Plotist happened when I was trying to keep track of a novel I was writing. Now I don't know where the novel is anymore, and I write more code than anything else.

    We have plans to make Markdown the base formatting for all the texts on Plotist, so I'm glad you like it! Once you get used to it it becomes quite easy to use and you can quickly format anything without losing the flow. I think that with a few extra keyboard bindings for indentation and navigation would make a killer writing app. (I should not mention keybindings and productivity too much, we have an crazy emacs user on the team where they even use the term "keychords" because how complicated their commands can be)

    But anyway, glad to have you around and I'm really looking forward to see what you create next year! The Milwordy and the 1024 songs sound amazing! I'm myself trying to get started writing/creating music, after years of playing bass and guitar on bands.

    See you around!

  • Welcome @yam655! That all sounds awesome! It sounds like you're definitely pretty busy working on all of this stuff. Best of luck on these goals next year! :D

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