Reborn (Still in Progress)

  • I've been playing around with the timeline features and found a layout that works for me. Thanks a lot to everyone who gave me advice. I just love this website! Arranging my timeline like this has allowed me to see very clearly how spaced out my action, romance, and other events are, as well as helping me keep the dates in my story straight. This is such a valuable tool!

    Since one day in the Land of the Living is two full days in Yomi (the afterlife) I needed a way to clearly see what was happening when, hence timelines for each world. The "chapters" timeline helps me see how many things I have packed into each chapter. Which needs to slow down? Which needs more action?

    Each of the colors and symbols for the events represent a common theme. (Purple hearts deal with the two main characters' relationship, and the lightning bolt refer to the MC's sister, etc.) Am I smothering my readers with my characters' PDA? Do I need a bit more war and bloodshed?

    The story still needs a lot of work. Laying out all of the events like this, I can see that I'm rushing some elements and should have played out others longer. Revision, revision!

    Anyways, take a look and tell me what you think! Since the plotline is for my benefit, I imagine some of it won't make any sense. Sorry. :P

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    Fantastic use of Plotist there @yummyfoods. While poking around, I have to say you peeked my interest with Victim 1, Victim 2.. etc.

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    Wow! We never thought of using the tracks like that! We were considering building different types of timelines for different uses, so seeing this timeline is very revealing and gives us a few ideas.

    It makes me really crave some Japanese myths, when do you say you'll be publishing? ;)

    Thanks for sharing!

  • @Josey Sorry for the late reply. Thanks a lot! I had a lot of fun writing that part with the victims.

  • @jaycano Sorry for the late reply! I'm glad that my timeline could give you guys some ideas. I can't stress how helpful the timeline function is to me.

    Haha I have no idea when I'll be publishing. Hopefully sometime in the next two years? I'm thinking about uploading the first couple chapters online to get some feedback though. I'll be sure to share it here as well when I do. :)

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    @yummyfoods Hehe I bet! I see the word victim in a story involving Yomi and I get all kinds of ideas. Nasty, gore filled ideas. :D

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