Reason # 6,000,004 I Want This Writing Thing to Take Off

  • I just got a lecture from my boss about a little metal folding chair that USED to be in my office. It disappeared over a year ago. Nobody ever sat in it. I have no idea where the guys put it when they took it out of here. It's a stupid $10 chair that he probably inherited from the original owner 60 years ago.
    But today, it's the most important chair in the world. And I lost it.

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    Ouch! There's something to be said for priorities. I wonder what was so special about the chair. Though I tend to give the benefit of the doubt to people who have bad days. :D

    Still, motivation for writing is a good thing. <3 <3

  • Can't remember the technical term from psychology, but I bet this is an expression of the chain of negativity. Someone did something far enough removed from you that'll you'll never know them or the action. Events transpired until finally your boss was touched as a link in the chain as it thrashed, it put him on edge about something (maybe financial or possession, or perhaps that's just an easy field to get angry about for him). You became another link in an ever expanding chain of transmitted negativity. The question is, what are you going to do with it? You've told us, we're now aware, but from here, you haven't passed on the negative energy, you just observed you're having to deal with it.

    Please don't make the psychology true and get upset/angry with an innocent bystander or animal (I assume you won't). If you must, target an inanimate or even just scream into the wind. Let it go, and you'll break your segment of the chain. Your boss, on the other hand, is likely to create many more links of anger and frustration : /

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    I think this is why there is that fantastic quote about writers involving watch what you do! After all, it can will be used against you in their next book! :D

  • @occi I wouldn't take it out on anything.
    I told my husband and he asked how he could make it better. So I sent him a book title and it showed up on my kindle a few minutes later. Crisis averted.

    @Josey I've already used this boss as inspiration for a particularly uptight detective (think Monk without the charm) in a different book series.

  • Huzzah! And I hope the book is good, to boot ^.~

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