• That, ladies and gentlemen was the sound of my own horn.

    Epoch has been selected for showcase on Writership, an editing podcast that I love!
    Basically, they read the first chapter of a book and discuss what works and what doesn't.
    That now means I have 2.5 weeks to finish my own edits and launch before the episode airs. I've found a ton of great books to read from listening to their show, and I hope it has the same effect on Epoch.
    I'm not worried about it being a soft launch. It's the first book of a series under my real name, not my pens. So any fanfare I try to push would fall on deaf ears anyway. This exposure should be a wonderful starting point (and motivator to finish book 2 even faster!)

  • Whoa, that's awesome news! :D

  • The person who chooses which books get on the show sent me an email just now and this was in it:
    It’s a really powerful scene with strong visceral and sensory descriptions. It evokes a strong emotional reaction in me that is “less than comfortable,” and at the same time, I couldn’t look away, if you know what I mean.

  • Plotist Team: Community Storyteller

    That is amazing!!! :D Once is it up let us know so we can support you!

  • That will depend on how harsh the review is :)

  • Plotist Team: Community Storyteller

    Awww! Fingers crossed for you!

  • Good luck, and I hope it helps your launch :D

  • Plotist Team: Keepers of Code

    Fantastic! Congratulations! :D

  • That's amazing! :)

  • This is awesome, congratulations!
    (And thank you for introducing me to Writership, I know what I'm going to be listening to after college :D)

  • I love it! They give editorial missions at the end of each show. I have a very long list already. It's perfect for the final edit phase.
    I've noticed that listening makes me want to write more. And when I'm writing, the latest episode's 'moral' is fresh in my mind.

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