Leadership and War: Resources here.

  • To those of you writing as leaders/important people/kings/whatever it is that keeps your society from going ape shit: I'm doing a huge research project on masters of leadership in history and the tactics/styles and variations in approaches for tactical warfare and policies. Whether it's a tribe leader or the monarch of an empire, if the person is a competent leader what makes them that way? If they aren't then what makes them ineffective? How does this increase or decrease the strife in the society they lead? Having motivation for something's can make or break a story. You can't have a war without a reason unless your people are barbarians or just trying to survive. Conflicts always have a reason for starting and ending and with them the people involved are irrevocably affected either by their own decisions or the ones that lead them.

    Post questions here and I will answer what I can. If not, I'll be posting a summary of questions to ask yourself that could possibly help flesh out whatever character you have to write as. (or just really enjoy military history). My main sources are mostly ancient history but you'd be surprised how far the general concepts go.

    As Thucydities says in his "Histories":
    "The bravest are surely those who have the clearest vision of what is before them, glory and danger alike, and yet notwithstanding, go out to meet it."

  • Ooooh, awesome, I could do with some war stuff. Do you have anything on guerrilla warfare (and possibly terrorism if that falls under the category of war) and the tactics that may be used by guerrillas against an organised military and/or another guerrilla faction? Sorry if that's a bit too specific :3

  • @shy_not_fly17 I'll see what I can find for you, alright I'm looking more into the qualities of leaders than the tactics necessarily, which might help you still. Getting in the mind of a character is really helpful with things like strategy since it's so internal.

  • @shy_not_fly17 You might try looking up some wars that involved a lot of guerrilla warfare, too, so that you're able to see the tactics in practice. The southern campaigns in the American Revolution relied heavily on guerrilla warfare (and commanders like Nathaniel Greene and Francis Marion actually helped create it), and the Vietnam War also had a lot of guerrilla warfare, as two examples that jump to mind.

  • @Czarbuckz @typical_demigod Cheers to the both of you, I'll go look that all up ^-^

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