• Hi, everyone. Thought I'd stop by and introduce myself. My name for anything online is always some variation of YummyFoods because I had to make a username for a chatroom in middle school and I was hungry, and now the name has stuck.

    I'm 26, and two years ago I left smalltown Illinois and moved to Hokkaido, Japan. By day, I teach English to and get sneezed on by cute Japanese children. By night, I watch documentaries and work on this novel that's practically bursting out of me.

    It's a fantasy story that revolves around Shinto mythology. Shinto is the native religion of Japan and is pretty awesome. The main character, Amane (Ah-mah-nay), lives in Japan and accidentally stumbles into Yomi, one of the afterlife realms. There, she meets a band of humanoid youkai (demons) who are trapped in the afterlife and cannot return the Land of the Living until they exterminate a massive horde of monsters there. Amane finds out that she is a youkai like them, and joins them in their fight for freedom while attempting to find out more about her parents, who hid the fact that she was a youkai and abandoned her as an infant.

    My goal is to someday finish this story and then translate it into Japanese, then potentially see about publishing it both in America and Japan. There are lots of big battles and stuff, so I think it would be really cool to see it turned into a manga or anime someday. A girl can dream, right?

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    Hello YummyFoods!

    Welcome to Plotist, and holy cow, living the dream! :D

    Your story sounds absolutely fascinating. Are you going to be getting it made into a manga, or are you going after the traditional text based books? :) Also, the history of Japan and it's spirituality has always fascinated me!

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    Hey YummyFoods! Welcome to Plotist!

    I agree with @Josey, you're definitely living the dream! Oh, the times I've thought about moving to Japan someday... Watashi mo Nihongo hanashimasu! Or at least I tried to learn at some point (don't ask me to write, though)

    I'll try to convince to try to publish it in the UK too, I'm definitely interested your story. I love Shintoh myths and old Japanese stories. I'm currently watching a cute anime version of Japanese folktales (Folktales from Japan) and I'm in love with the show.

  • @Josey Thanks a lot! I'm glad that you think the premise of my story sounds interesting. I'm a bit concerned about whether people outside of Japan will be interested in it because few are familiar with Shinto. I think I'd like to release it as a book first. There have been quite a few novels that have been serialized in manga or anime, (Sword Art Online is one of the more recent ones.) so I figure it's worth a shot.

    I've been in love with Japan for as long as I can remember. I double-majored in English and Japanese, and I realized as I was taking all these classes that I love just about every aspect of Japan. The culture, history, religion, language, food, everything haha. I have no plans to move back to America. I'm here until they throw me out!

  • @jaycano Awesome! How long did you study Japanese? The writing is the hardest part. I've been studying it for seven years now and there's still so many kanji I don't know, and even more that I can't write lol.

    I'm really happy to hear that you're interested in my story! I'd love to see it published in the UK and Australia as well, if possible. If you like Japanese folktales, there is an old and sorta creepy version called Mukashibanashi on youtube. It's pretty good. And if you want to watch a really beautiful and weird anime about different Japanese monsters, I recommend Mononoke (not Princess Mononoke). It's hands down my all-time favorite anime.

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    @yummyfoods Shinto is such a beautiful philosophy, even if one does not follow it. Perhaps your books could be used as a vehicle to bring Shinto outside of Japan, outside of Anime, outside of manga?

    And I should have mentioned this before... but we are starting a recipe swap! Come share!

    I admit the culture is fascinating. Maybe in the future we can tap you to help translate Plotist into Japanese... what do you think @jaycano :D

  • @Josey I'd love it if I could use my story to introduce Shinto to others! There are so many wonderful concepts within Shinto.

    Fun! I'll have to share some of my favorite recipes!

    Hey, I love translating stuff. Just let me know! :D I've passed the Japanese Language Proficiency Test N2, which certifies me for Business Japanese. I'm currently studying for the highest level, N1, right now. So I could maybe be of use!

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    @yummyfoods I studied Japanese only for 2-3 years but not consistently and it was a long time ago; I can still catch a few sentences here and there when I'm watching anime. I learned hiragana and katana, and I could write relatively well. Kanji, I learned part of the beginners' 80 (hon, ni, getsu, and the others). It was all a long time ago so I can barely write anything anymore.

    Mukashi Banashi is the anime I'm watching! I didn't know the title in Japanese, in English it's Folktales from Japan. I'll definitely check Mononoke out, I'm intrigued by "different Japanese monsters". I don't know which one would be my all-time favorite, I like many of them for different reasons. Maybe Cowboy Bebop, if I was forced to pick one. And Ghibli, of course.

    @Josey Can you imagine a Japanese version of Plotist? It would be awesome! That's one that is definitely going to our feature wishlist, thanks @yummyfoods!

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