Alceise: Beginners Guide to Ferromancy

  • So, I'm still hoping to get my story out there for a lot of people to read, so here it is,
    I put it on fiction press because it's easy, and I'm familiar with the layout from my fanfiction days. But it's also here on plotist with the new writing module, however it doesn't get updated at the same time, usually it's a day or two late, just due to time restraints.

    But I guess I should share some info on the story, to get you interested or something...
    What it revolves around is the continent of Alceise, and two specific countries in there; The Republic of Alceise, and The Kingdom of Vale.
    The Republic is a very technologically advanced country, and the only country whose been able to get as far as they have. They really really don't like Magic, making Alceise their main rival.
    The Kingdom of Vale is the magical center of Alceise. They still live in a "medieval" state, without things like electricity or running water. They're more or less indifferent about their "rivalry" with The Republic, but The Republic's recent aggression has raised some questions as to whether they should fight back.

    The story follows Jared Fletcher, whose a sleeper. A sleeper is someone who was born in The republic, but happened to develop magical abilities. These abilities are revealed when a sleeper experiences a traumatic event of some kind, that triggers powerful emotions. The emotions in turn, activate a burst of uncontrolled magical energy. Because of the nature of The Republic, the government knows within moments what's happened, and they act quickly to arrest the now awakened sleeper. Usually it ends in life in jail, but on the rare occasion they're exiled instead of imprisoned.

    There's so much more to this universe, but I don't want to give any spoilers, so that the story's actually interesting...
    There's also a Discord Server for the series too, so if you want to talk to the Tomato Haters team, or read more about the background behind Alceise then you can join that if you want.

    Feedback is always appreciated. Krominicon is the main writer, and he would love your feedback on what he's doing right and doing wrong.

    So come join us... or something.

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