Writing Tips Round Up: Old Timey Wrimos

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    Will you be a NaNo newbie come this November? Get some prudent advice from these veteran Wrimos!

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  • I suffer from addiction. To words. When I'm in the zone I'll pound out 10k words in one day. Then I'm hungover for 2-3, or worse. I have to force myself to stay steady or I won't ever meet my deadlines.

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    @toasha I am so with you. I get into a writing groove and I -cannot- stop. I simply can't. If I force myself too, I can't seem to pick the groove back up again later.

  • It's been a long time since I've had a 13-15 hour writing day, but when those days came, it left me hollow and nihilistic. I'd given so much of myself to the page and the work that nothing else mattered. Side-note, I'm aware I have an addictive/obsessive personality, but I hadn't known that could extend into writing until I'd felt that extremity. Most days when I'm well enough to write I shoot for 2-5k words, which feels like that 'consistency' you mentioned. Felt like work, but doesn't leave me feeling like my reality is meaningless.

    To those hammering out a nanowrimo, 5 days a week, 4k words a day, 4 weeks a month = 80k word draft by the end (rough as it may be). That's the plan I had for Unleash the Beast, but toward the end I needed to take some extra time, and then I stuck with it through the edits and revisions and made it into my first published work. If your project helps you keep the course and gives you inspiration, I'm glad for you :) UtB was actually easier to write than I expected, since I had such a good relationship with the MC. Yes, that is a thing, some of my MCs don't want to work with me. . .

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