I feel like we need an art thread...

  • Assuming we have any other artists, that is. I feel like a clutter the threads sometimes. So, here we are.

    Stick your Instagram, your Deviantarts, your Facebook pages, whatever you've got. Stick your Inktober posts here, your doodles, sketches, whatever you feel like sharing that you've doodled down for stories or otherwise. I'm an author that verges on comic book artist and waffles between constantly. So if you've got something, share it!

  • @czarbuckz lol I rarely update my deviantart anymore

    FB is my go-to, I need to make a page for my art instead of my actual account

    I hope to see more artists on here soon. Comics need a plot and good writing too, so I'm sure any friends I know who work on comics would appreciate the app.

    I'm Obsidi0nAngel on Deviantart too, for those interested, but my art is abominable compared to Czarbuckz's here and my Inktober stuff is worse so I'll stick to uploading them there. If ya want to need eyebleach feel free to look though XD

  • @obsidi0nangel You have a new da stalker now. :P

    You have some really good stuff on there. Pft, eye bleach...

  • @blackbird gasp Oh noes! Stalkers!

    XD well thank you. I still say eye bleach

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