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  • I'm trying to figure out the best way to create the timeline for my story.
    Basically, there are a few important characters who have double lives. One in the real world and one in this dream world (like The Wizard of Oz).
    Since they look basically the same, I think the easy way is to use the same picture for both characters, just changing their name. But then the main character stays the same and moves between worlds. So I'm not sure how to show when he's in each world.
    I guess naming each world as a location and then placing the events in them....
    As you can see, I'm talking myself through it. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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    @toasha This is fascinating.

    I just did something kind of like this. My character had multiple past lives, and one current life where the big part of the story took place, but they kind of ran in parallel with each other. What i did was create this.

    To help me make sure my plot itself is following the methods I want, I have the general TIME object. I then have two different "locations" "Life 1" and then "life 2" This lets me know what events I am writing about. But it also lets me control who is doing what when. Like.. when Life 1 is happening "Say hello to today!" When past lives are being explored, etc, or the "parallel" is being explored, I get that from the general time object. There is more to it, but it's a concept of quick glance time... and then separations


    Another thing you could do is like you said. Have "Real World Track Character 1" And "Dream World Track Character 1" And let them run next to each other. And then have a general "flow" (like my general time object) to help you track the story flow.

  • Thanks. Yeah, that's kind of where I'm leaning. The 'time' itself doesn't play as much of a role as it normally would. At least not yet.
    But I figure I'll have the characters from each time right under each other, and color code the 2 worlds (locations) opposite. So it's easy to see when they flip back and forth.

    Thanks for the help. I knew saying it out loud would make it click.

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