Worldbuilding Respond, Answer, Ask (October Edition)

  • What is the Worldbuilding Answer Ask?

    The idea is that it'll help you develop your world. Even if you think you know everything about it, someone will eventually pose a question for an element you hadn't thought of.

    Scared to participate because you don't know a lot about your world? Don't panic! Half the time I'm making up my posts as I go along based on what I know about a few other random things in my world and hoping it makes sense. (I never said I was a good role model.) It'll still be great for helping you develop your world!

    So, I'll leave a question at the end of the thread. Person 1 comes up and decides to answer the question the best they can. Then, they leave their own question about some element of your world. You come up, see it, and think, "Okay, I can answer this!" But before you can answer it, you have to post a response about Person 1's post. After that's done, then you can answer the question, and then you can ask your own question!

    Person 1:

    Answers the question at the bottom of the thread
    Leaves their own question

    Person 2:

    Responds to Person 1 (I.e., Wow, I didn't think about that when I was developing my education system. Still, X's relationship with Y is kind of weird because Z reason.)
    Answers the question left by Person 1
    Leaves their own question

    And then repeat.


    • Even if your world isn't technically a secondary world (maybe it's based on London in 1815 or China in 1009), don't be afraid to answer! I'm sure you'll share information that we didn't know before. And if it's urban fantasy in AU 2017, then, again, don't think you can't answer! The idea is that these question will apply to all, or most, worlds.
    • Sometimes a post might get long, however hard you try to keep it short. This is okay. Whatever it takes for you to explain whatever you're talking about in a way that you think makes sense :)
    • Don't feel obligated to answer every past question. If there's some that you really like, then go ahead and answer them! But don't feel like you have to. Instead, just answer the question from the most recent poster.
    • Topics can be about anything and everything! From, "What's life like for the average individual?" to "What is your favorite part about your magic system?" to "Talk about the fashion because we all love a well-designed outfit!" to "What are considered virtuous traits in a person? What are considered bad traits in a person?" to anything else you think of.
    • Don't forget to respond! At the very least you need to respond to the post above yours whenever you post. It's courteous and it that interaction is part of what makes participation fun and help creators look at their world/story from a new perspective.

    I think that's everything. If you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask! :)

    Question from last month: How do the leaders of your world deal with the less fortunate?

  • In our Futuristic Utopia, there are no unfortunate. Jobs aren't even required. It's 10,00 years in the future and robots can do almost everything! Jobs are available to those who wish to have them, but even without a home and food are provided!

  • My question: How many religions are there in your world, and which of them are correct? For example in my fantasy novel there will be tons of religions, and none of them are wrong. They all kinda loosely follow the same premise!

  • @K-thor Sounds very utopic! What types of things can robots not do?

    Q: How many religions are there in your world, and which of them are correct?

    Technically 2...?

    The Hunters are their own religious group, which is part of the reason they're so heavily discriminated. I don't know any details about their religion; don't ask.

    Then there's everyone else, who (except the Craestic) follow a religion based upon Orymosy. In Craestan, they follow the exact same religion, but based on Oramosa (Orymosy's wife).

    Except, the religion is subtly different in each country you go to. That is to say, different countries, and even different regions within a country, are under different religious denominations. (The best example is that in any Orymosean pantheon you visit, Thancin and Aelyzac are married. The story of how is different depending on who you ask.)

    Are any of them correct? Generally, I avoid the magical in my worlds, just because it's a lot of work. Technically, there are superpowered people, and, canonically, the spirits of dead people are on the world (though interaction is basically unheard of outside of myth), so you could count that as magic. But actual deities.... probably not. Which would, technically, make all of the religions incorrect.

    Q: Do most people believe there are deities or other higher beings controlling/influencing events in the world? If no, do such beings actually exist?


    Q: How well do your characters fit into their world?

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