• I'm gonna be out of town this weekend. We're going to a secluded cabin in the woods. I'll be writing by hand so my word counts won't be accurate.
    In my planning (round 20) I mapped out my last 10 scenes. I could easily finish those by Saturday. I'm gonna push hard to get it done.
    Then jump right to book 2 for Nano's sake.

  • Day 9: A struggle. Barely 200 words.

    Day 10: 630; still a struggle, but working back up.

  • Day 11 (ooops, I've not been keeping track of the time): My total is now at 6463/15000—in the process of doing a mini collab with a friend, which is a major word count boost :D

  • I just came back from a mini-vacation. I had to write by hand but I finished typing it all up this morning. By hand I averaged 1600 x 3 days.
    Book 1 has 6 scenes left.
    Then upward and onward. Book 2

  • Day 12: My total is now at 8500 words. At this rate, NaNo says I'll reach 15000 in ten days :D

  • I got 3600 to put me just over 30k. I didn't get to the end but I'm so close. Total count for the novel is pushing 80k.

  • Day 13: Total is now 9500 words. Nano's updated the time I'll reach the finish line from the 22nd to the 21st. Feeling hopeful because today's scribblings have been far more plot related :D

  • I think I love that and the 'words per day to finish on time' counter.

  • Plotist Team: Community Storyteller

    It haunts me, I tell you. It haunts me!!

  • @josey I'm sure you got thousands of delirious words during the livestream.

  • Plotist Team: Community Storyteller

    @toasha True, I got like 8K words during the stream. lol :D

  • Day 14: 10002 words. Struggled a little bit today, but I'm still going! :D

  • I think I've forgotten to update a couple times.
    Last night was 3145 words
    Today is zero so far.

    I'm on my last 2 chapters so I could potentially finish tonight, but most likely tomorrow.

  • Day 15: 10500 words. Had to take a few breaks and cram stuff in because I had to do college things today, but yay, goals!

  • @shy_not_fly17 said in NANOWRIMO:

    Day 15: 10500 words. Had to take a few breaks and cram stuff in because I had to do college things today, but yay, goals!


  • Day 15: ~1000 words. Ugh, wish I could get away to do nothing but write! But hey, progress :)

  • Are you participating in any write-ins?
    We're doing one this Saturday at our local library.
    And of course we're going to write very dangerously together on the 25th :)

  • I've attempted it. But in the area I live, groups seem to prefer gathering during the week when I'm either on travel or otherwise over-swamped with work :'( No biggie, though. I've found I work better in a more isolated environment. The hard part is finding that ideal space (usually surrounded by nature). Most of my time is spent in a busy adult training environment.

    Oh well. Determination still goes a long way! :D

  • @chickamau What timezone are you? I'm doing a local Write-In this Saturday. I can bug you while I'm there and make you write with us. You can join our sprints.

  • :D Eastern.

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