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  • Hey everyone! Obsidi0n here...does anyone else have a really busy, really hectic daily life? I've noticed that lately I haven't had nearly enough time to work on writing between daily chores, errands, and such. I'll be so exhausted at the end of the day that I'll get maybe 3 posts worth of writing and then pass out.

    Does anyone else find themselves with the issue of not enough time or energy? Any tips on getting through it and still finding time to write? I've tried staying up later and I just get tired. How do you find time in your day when your schedules are rock-solid, can't be rescheduled, and can't be missed?

    Often times the down time I do get between doing things is short enough that by the time I had my laptop booted up and working I'd have to do something else. Either that or I'd have to write during my meals...and that's not really an option in my family, it's considered rude-I'm staying with relatives atm to help take care of my father. I miss my apartment :(

    Tips? Ideas? Anything?

  • My only time to write is after school and its not a lot of time. School, family, work, girlfriend, theres just a lot to balance and in the end I get hardly any time. I'm gonna try to ask to work two days a week instead of 3. This way I have a day to relax and write. Maybe try and make a day of rest for yourself?

  • @sirblood That'd be great, but I'm taking care of my father after a major surgery. between his bandage changes and errands about his injury I have so little time.

    I can't really take a day off because the bandages need changed twice a day every day. Plus cleaning to keep everything sanitary and meals, and helping my cousin around the house to thank her for letting us stay...well, it takes a lot of time.

    I can try to block out a few hours though, i just won't always be the same few hours.

  • @Obsidi0nAngel not sure then

  • @Obsidi0nAngel

    I spent the past two years tending to my mom after she suffered a really nasty fall and dealing with my grandpa being in the hospital (he's passed away September last year) amongst taking care of my niece and nephew and doing work, and I... I really sympathize. :/

    Honestly, though, the biggest advice I can give you is to not pressure yourself to write and not run the risk of burning yourself out. Let writing be in the background until your dad recovers, maybe? I know it's not ideal, but... Pushing yourself too hard can be a lot worse in the long run. I mean, things have been stable in my life for months now and I'm still not feeling quite myself in regards to my writing. I honestly believe if I had given myself more of a break while things were happening, I would have been able to get back into it more easily now. :/

  • @blackbird I guess you're right. I just feel so awful not making any progress when it seems like I should have had more time...

    I think when things calm down I'll work on blocking out time for myself. Until then, I'll get what I can in and not pressure myself too much. It's just hard not to when I really want to make progress on it.

    Thanks for the advice! It's hard taking care of a loved one after injury, especially if they're like my dad and are an asshole even when not in pain, soo....I guess I'm looking forward to him getting better.

    Writing was kinda my escape for a while and now I don't even have that, so. Stresss...

  • It sounds like outstanding circumstances are slashing your already rare discretionary time even more than usual. The best thing for you to do at the moment might be to ease away from your work until you've either adjusted enough to your new circumstances to find the time or your life calms back down a bit.

    This doesn't at all mean abandoning writing altogether - in fact, I've found down time to be a healthy and occasionally necessary part of it. I once heard someone compare the creative process to the act of breathing, a cycle of inhalation (consumption) and exhalation (production). Simply put, you can't make something without materials, and when it comes to creation those materials are clarity of mind and ideas, both of which can be hard to come by if you find yourself perpetually occupied and stressed.

    Don't stop thinking about your work - by all means, take the time to sift over ideas you've left hanging - but maybe take a little time to investigate other activities that do fit the free time you have. Is there a book or a show you've been meaning to get to? Possibly an activity you've been meaning to try, or a new place nearby you've wanted to visit? Look at it as an opportunity, not just for a little you time (which it sounds like you could really use) but also for inspiration.

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