Where is everyone from?

  • Title explains itself and you don't need to be specific or anything. I've noticed that we're from relatively everywhere when it comes to time zones and got curious!

    I live in New York, USA so sometimes I accidentally message the benevolent overlords at 3am their time and post things in the dead of night when no one is around lol. I'm an Engineering student and current AV Technician for a theater so I'm up at all times of the night but EST is my supposed normal.

  • I'm from the very, very. South of Brazil. So, I think right now... I'm one hour ahead of you in time. Although, it varies depending on daytime savings. Sometimes it's two, sometimes it's three. :P

    That said, I sometimes am online at all hours of the night. Sometimes my computer just stays on because I fall asleep before I get to shut it down... I don't have the healthiest sleeping habits, needless to say. ^^'

  • I live in South Carolina, USA.

    I am not a night owl at all XD If I can help it, I'm in bed by 9:30-10. Though, it always takes me ages to fall asleep anyway.

  • I'm from the tiny little island clinging onto Europe known as Britain :P So right now, it's 20:45 (I can't remember if it's BST, GMT, or UTC) ^-^

  • @typical_demigod yo! My hometown is in NC. Wimington actually, so Myrtle Beach was my high school tromping grounds.

  • NC! Right now I'm staying in a tiny ass town close to wilmington that no one has heard of, but I have my apartment in another small town nearer to Jacksonville. Czarbuckz and I have been friends since 5th grade.

    I tend to only get on the computer very late nowadays, due to having to take care of my dad, who's recovering from surgery right now. That plus staying with relatives to care for him and helping them around the house as a thank you for letting us stay there while he recovers takes up most of my daylight hours, so I stay up late to make up for the time I miss out for writing. Although lately I've been so tired so quickly lately due to a hectic daytime schedule...interesting to see how scattered we are! It's cool.

  • Plotist Team: Community Storyteller

    I'm one of those odd people who is from a place they don't live anywhere near. I grew up on the East Coast of the United States, but I live in the United Kingdom. ;)

  • Born and still living in Missouri, USA. I plan on making films and shooting photography a bit here and then travel out

  • Born in the middle of Illinois, USA. Practically squatted out in a corn field, but by the time I was done with school I moved to be closer with family after a brief time apart, so ended up with them in Tennessee for a while (few years). Been living in Las Vegas Nevada for the past six or seven years. I've driven through quite a few states, use to take trips to Wisconsin, Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky. Visited New Hampshire and Miami Florida. Even though I live a stone's throw away, I haven't bothered jaunting over to the Grand Canyon or visiting the west coast just yet. Travel has never really appealed to me, despite how much I've done of it. I don't feel roots anywhere. As Metallica advised me long ago, "Wherever I may roam, where I lay my head is my home."

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