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    My system and source books for 13 Realms of Eternity are now on site. The system book is designed in my own variant of psuedo-code for use as a foundation for an RPG or for the basis of a more tech integrated game. That's where it started, and it's more or less still in a rough yet complete version. Now it acts as the foundation for all of my other works, and provides balance and form for future structures to be created from. Those into RPG tomes will probably find some familiar concepts, such as the non-linear nature of the work. Sure you could read it from beginning to end, but I'd never ask that of someone. It's mostly a reference guide, and these days the RPG I'm working on is much lighter and less rule intensive, but these roots still give me the understanding of what iteration to try to develop next.

    System Book

    The source book is regarding a world you're all familiar with: Earth. The setting is somewhat different, as it takes place inside of the Realm of Illusion, and that is where all the twists and turns originate. It's a book built upon the foundation of the system, but far more focused upon the characters and society of a specific world and helps establish the global setting in the metaverse. My own individual stories are currently located here for the most part, although in time new worlds and Realms will open up if my ambition leads to fruition.

    Source Book

    I've lost track of how much time I invested in the system book, brainstorming, writing, editing, balancing, game design, and so on. However, the concept was to give me (or any reader) the tools to develop new worlds and bring the 13 RoE to life with their own creativity. It probably took me about 3-4 years. Then came the source book: same song and dance of brainstorming, writing, editing, but as it was about story preparation through world building it had less to balance and fewer game elements. That probably took me a year or two. Once everything was set in digital text I ventured off into the world of writing other stories, trying to find my voice as an author and ended up creating a number of writing projects. The crystallization of this effort was Dark Prophecy (Realms at War series: book 1), but that story is still in editing (it's quite a long manuscript still). Can't say how long I spent on it before I ventured into another side project, namely Unleash the Beast (Coalition of Strangers: book 1). The side project took center stage over this last year and now it's available for pre-order ^.~

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