Hello Earthlings!!

  • Greetings!!
    I'm Nicola and I have many alter egos in many MMORPG's mostly TikTok or Roobarb. (so if you happen to see me running around say HI!) I'm on the wrong side of 40, English, living in the UK now, but I have worked my way around Europe in my first incarnation as a Database Programmer. These days I live a more sedentary life designing and making chainmaille jewellery.... oh and tinkering around with writing this book I've had in my head for over 5 years now. I have a daughter and seemed to have collected a lovely Belgian man on my travels that came back to the UK with me!! I also have 2 dogs Jackson and Florence, they are my fur babies as my daughter is almost 26 with no signs of producing any grandchildren :(

    Nanoo Nanoo !!

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    Welcome @TikTok! Do let us know if we can be of any help! If you're looking for any specific types of tips or support you may want! :)

  • @Josey thanks:)

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    What kind of genre are you writing in if I may ask @TikTok ?

  • @Sian I'm writing a fantasy adventure set in the amazon rainforest .....can tell you more but I'd have to kill you :P

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    @TikTok Ooo, see now I want to dig in for more. Is it modern day-ish? Is there magic?

  • @Josey yes modern day and yes magic...its based on an urban legend in Brazil about the Encantado

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    @TikTok Ooo. I love old myths. While I can look this up, I'd love to learn a little about the myth from you. :D

  • @Josey

    ok so "Encantado" literally translates to charmed or enchanted one. They are shape-shifting pink dolphins of the amazon river. They are also supposedly extremely attractive, sexually promiscuous and totally cannot resist a party or festival, which if they attend they will end up the life and soul of; the original "party animal" (which some people believe that the saying comes from). They will charm whomever they meet, are always dressed in white reminiscent of days gone by and mostly always attempt to entice the recipient of their affections back to Encante their underwater world. Other powers; can shapeshift into a snake, have powers over the mind, control weather to create storms, induce nightmares, illness and even death and have been known to kidnap riverfolk and children to take back to encante. Modern day the Indian tribes revere the pink dolphins as guardians of the forest and it is considered bad luck to kill one. To this day, they are still used in many an excuse for an illegitimate or unexpected pregnancy whilst a husband may be away for months working and his wife becomes pregnant.... well it was the irresistible Boto.... another word for the Encantado!! exciting stuff eh!!

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    @TikTok I cannot wait to see what you do with this idea!

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    I think @Blackbird might love to hear about this!

    I love this kind of folklore, I have roots in South America and there are lots and lots of beautiful myths and legends. Well, this is probably true of almost anywhere in the world. When I hear someone is using folklore in their stories, I always get really, really excited.

    @TikTok Let me know when you finish it so I can buy a copy :)

  • @jaycano i certainly will :)

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