A Normal(?) Summer Day

  • Has it really been almost a year since someone's added a timeline? Woah. . .
    A Casual Day Timeline

    This is just something I started making since I've had some writing block on the actual writing and is just loosely based off my world's characters. (You can peek at the book timeline probably, but it's not really finished).

    Well not that this casual timeline is finished either.

    *Note: regarding the art, it's all the work of pixiv artists, so if any is interested in that you can look for them online

  • Plotist Team: Community Storyteller

    Wow! First off thank you for taking the plunge and sharing your work. We know how hard that can be.

    Now, the images are incredible. And wow, you choose such amazing colours to go with the different characters. Not just functional, but beautiful as well!

    Now I am really curious about Hana's remember another world. I'm intrigued by what this means.

    Also, inside and outside the apartment, eh? Makes me really curious about their world.. what drives them.. everything. :D Looking spiffy as they say here in the UK. :D

    Also, I love to see that it's a collaboration!! Good job to both of you! :D Cannot wait to see what's next!

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