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    Confession time! (Or not depending on how many of my previous posts you've read.) I am a massive fan of romance in all forms. There is something about the HEA that just makes me smile.

    Another confession, I love writing fan fiction. My friend @Occi is going to have his first book published at the end of this month. I've been with him from start to finish as he built his worlds, characters, etc. As such I write big time in his worlds, universes, realms... it's a big place.

    Over the years of my reading romance series (those that take place with characters that pop up from book to book, etc), I've seen many authors state that while they love the ideas put forward by their readers, they tend to have their own agenda's for their characters. And I totally get and understand that.

    But recently I stumbled upon a published series that has multiple authors. Each author has their own story arcs, has characters that interact between books, and have the same large major plot arc across all the books (evil memory altering drugs). Still, it was incredible to me to see 3 different authors across over 15 books. Each book had one author, but they all took place in the same universe, had character cameos, etc.

    I loved the way this series had cameos that made me smirk when they showed up with a reader's glee at knowing more than the characters present knew. But I also found subtle inconsistencies. Like one thing spelled one way, and then another in another book. I almost want to take the ENTIRE collection and toss them into Plotist to get all the arcs just right. :D

    I'm not sharing the author's or books, mainly due to the fact that my post is more a question, than an sharing of "you totally should read this" as I know people's tastes vary. My question. Do you all know of more series where there are multiple authors across different books? If you know of some, did you like what they did? What didn't you like?

  • I'll name one. The Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan. Just two authors, but a huge series none the less. It was finished by Brandon Sanderson after Jordan passed away. I hate to say it, but I believe the series got better with Sanderson's writing, although I believe some things did change!

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    I have heard of this series by several friends of mine. Interesting that someone took over. It makes me think about what will happen to my writing once I am gone. Morbid, I know, but hey, it's a thing! :D

    I wonder how many others feel the same about the change in author.

  • That sounds very interesting...

    The only series I know of that did this I haven't ever read, but it's a children's book series called 39 Clues. A bunch of authors (most of them, at least here Stateside, known for their children's books, from what I understand) got together and apparently the series is younger than I thought and they're still making new books.

    This is about 7-8 people doing this, and I think they all follow the same characters? I skimmed the Wikipedia page this morning but I don't know a ton about the series :D

  • @typical_demigod I've heard of 39 Clues, mostly because Rick Riordan wrote the first one(?), but I've never read them myself. I do know it's about some sort of treasure hunt going across the world, and these families (who I think are from the same ancestor) are competing against each other. But that's all I know :3

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