Collaboration Flirtation: I hate discussing my story, so how do I start sharing?

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    If you find talking about your story difficult what else can you try?

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  • This is a good idea, lol. I actually did this once (in person, so there were real-time reactions), where we exchanged outlines, and it was it was a good introduction to each others' styles and ideas without having to do The Dreaded Thing: actually share a scene of writing.

    Also, it's a lot of fun to be friends with someone who needs to talk out their ideas, because you inevitably get to watch the idea grow up, from inception to completion. (Well, if the person ever gets to completion :D)

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    I love sharing the ideas, and outlines are a challenge for me. One of the biggest reasons I found Plotist to be honest. Sharing my work actually makes my hands shake, sweat to break out, and I worry. One thing I have learned over time though is that ever person I have ever shared my work with has inspired me to keep going. Either through ideas, questions they have, or the most common demand I seem to get-- "More please. Are you done yet?"

  • I love the idea of collaborating. The problem is that I have so many books going at once, which one do I invite someone to? Or start a whole new book? I do so love shiny new things!

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    @toasha I totally get that. I am so careful about what I share. I mean trading beta reading is so hard for me. What do I pick. Which do I show, how do I share? Should I just hint, tease, and drip information, or basically tell them the entire story and then sit back and wonder if I shared too much?

  • @josey ha, me. I have long debates about whether or not I want to share a piece. Ultimately, if I don't do it really soon after I write it, then I probably never will :P

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