We're leaving beta soon everyone!

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    @shy_not_fly17 said in We're leaving beta soon everyone!:

    @Josey Awesome! Does this mean we're throwing an 'Out-Of-Beta' party to celebrate? I can bring kazoos and party poppers :D

    Oh yesh!

  • @josey starts tooting kazoos and dancing

  • @Josey I'll get the chips and dip! Also, what sodas you guys like?

  • @sirblood Cola, Fanta, Tango, I don't mind, as long as we have popcorn and those little sausages on sticks

  • @Shy_Not_Fly17 YAAASSSSS

  • Oh, we're... We're having a party?

    claims a corner and avoids eye contact at all costs

    Yay. o.o

  • @Shy_Not_Fly17 At first I thought you were having some brain fart and couldn't think of the word for corndogs, but something tells me that's something else.

    Also, I brought a cake! ^_^ It's lemon. I expect it to be eaten by the time the party is over because I can't take that home with me. What will I do with it, eat it all by myself???

    @Blackbird It's not a party, it's an intimate get together!


  • @typical_demigod

    Oh. In that case...

    alt text

    (This reminded me that I've been told by two separate people I've commissioned for artwork that I remind them of Fluttershy because I kept saying "if you don't mind" to them every other sentence -.-)

  • @typical_demigod lol, no, I wasn't referring to corndogs (though they do look tasty!) but I couldn't remember the proper name, which I think is 'cocktail sausages'.
    alt text

    Also...takes a slice of lemon cake with some cocktail sausages Thanks! :D

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    I was just watching a show last night (Midnight Diner on Netflix) where corndogs were a big plot point. I've never had one in my life, I'm really curious...

  • @sian Me neither, but the way it was described to me it basically sounds like a hotdog on a stick. I like hot dogs, so...yeah xD

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    Yeah it looked like a hotdog on a stick in some kind of batter?

  • I'm... not exactly sure what the batter of corndogs is? I'mma assume it has a corn flour base, or at least did whenever it was first invented. But yeah, it's a hotdog put on a stick, dipped in batter, and then deep fried. (I've actually only had it premade and then warmed up in the oven/microwave, but I'm 100% certain that if I go to the state fair this year, I will have no difficulty finding a food truck that sells deep fried corndogs.)

    I just want it to be known, I googled 'corndogs in UK' so I could see really fast if I could give you a quick reference to buy some from a grocery store, and the very first result was a reddit titled "Do they not eat corndogs in the UK or is my girlfriend lying to me ..." and the preview included "SHE HAD NEVER EVEN HEARD OF A CORNDOG BEFORE LAST ..." so... I'mma go with my gut and say there's no corndogs in UK grocery stores. XD

  • Honestly, we should all just get on a discord or Skype call together and eat food together XD I have some coconut cream pie I need to finish

  • @typical_demigod To be fair, whenever I've heard about corndogs they've always seemed like this mystical mystery food from a distant far-off land that you only see on television, so if they are sold here they're very fucking rare.
    I suppose you could make a corndog if you really wanted to, though.
    Also, that reddit page xD It vaguely reminds me of a conversation I had with someone from the States years ago, and I think I mentioned roundabouts to him and he just went "whaaaat?"
    Like, can someone confirm this? Americans have roundabouts, right? I'm not being an idiot?

    @SirBlood I'd love that, but a) I suspect differing time zones might get in the way, and b) my wifi gets so poor that for some reason whenever I try to speak on a discord chat my voice comes through like static. It's even earned me the nickname 'Robot'.

  • @Shy_Not_Fly17 Corndogs being a mystical mystery food is somehow extremely amusing to me? Probably because I can go grab one from my freezer just about any time, I guess :P

    Americans have roundabouts, yes. Maybe UK roundabouts work differently than US roundabouts? Like, they're not even uncommon. There's a roundabout to get into my neighborhood :/

    @SirBlood Discord or Skype might be amusing, though, yes, time zones might cause an issue. I also don't really have anywhere to voice chat because my siblings are noisy 100% of the time, but text-chat would work XD

  • @typical_demigod It does make me laugh because I know it's a silly way of thinking about it, but...
    wait a minute, you stick them in the freezer? Like ice-lollies?
    Somehow that thought of corndogs being sausage lollies made me laugh harder.

    Well, roundabouts are roundabouts? They go...around...and about. And stuff. Roundabouts. now starts contemplating squareabouts and triabouts

  • @Shy_Not_Fly17 Yeah. Unless you have the stuff to make them yourself (and we don't have a fryer and I doubt the batter would stay on very well to bake them) you can buy them from the freezer section in the store, premade, and then you just set the oven to the temperature if you want them to be crunchy and good and put them in for X minutes, or you put them in the microwave if you're in a rush and/or don't want to wait on the oven.

    This actually reminds me of a conversation I read once in which UK-ians were astounded that we in the US are willing to buy gallons of tea and put them in our fridge.

    I don't know why but that made me laugh out loud. XD Also, would squareabouts not be more or less the same as going around a city block? Only smaller?

  • @typical_demigod slowly puts down my Calippo at an angle that won't spill the melted lolly juice within


    In the fridge?

    ...I don't know why that should be such a big deal to me, seeing as I've vaguely heard of this before (sweet tea, isn't it, or iced?). And I'm the only heathen in Britain to have not drunk tea. Ever. Carry on.

    I suppose it would be like going around a block, to be fair. But it would be a perfect square, not like a higgeldy-piggeldy wobbly square with meandering lines. And there'd be sharp left turns. Side note: It took me two minutes to think about which side of the road we drive on.
    And now I've just realised, unless my memory deceives me, we go around right on roundabouts, not left. (ultimate facepalm)

  • @Shy_Not_Fly17 Indeed, tea in the fridge. We do have sweet and unsweet tea, but sweet tea is a southern thing. Go far enough north, and they only have unsweet tea (or iced tea). Bleh.

    You say that, but now I realize that we go left on roundabouts???? But we drive on the right side??

    I think it might be because when we exit, we exit on the right side? (Meaning that when you, driving right in the roundabout, exit, you'd be exiting on the left side.) Maybe?

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