Art requests?

  • Seeing as I have some free time tonight/today, I'd like to see if anyone has a request for one of their characters to have a little doodle made of them since I'm in the mood.

    I co-author a book with another user on here and the two of us do most of our own character designing so art is obviously a bi product. So if you'd like a little representation of how I see one of your characters, comment below just make sure to give some info:

    What do they generally look like? Are they skinny? Chubby? Attractive? Do they have scars, a signature hairstyle? Are they a vampire or a faerie or just a good ol' human highschooler? An elderly man? You get the idea.

    I'll leave some of my previous arts and doodles in the next reply. When I get back from dinner I'll just pick a few to do ;)

  • alt text
    alt text
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    alt text

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    @Czarbuckz Maybe not tonight, but we will be commissioning art for Plotist in the future so it's good to know that you could be available. I like your art, especially how you do cats xD

  • Plotist Team: Community Storyteller

    I may hit you up for a character or two of mine. ;) I just need to finish some things first!

  • Oh, I just mean free doodles for now but I'd be glad to help out.
    Offer is still open though :)

  • @Czarbuckz I think I'll take you up on that offer ^^

  • @jaycano that cat was the most perfect thing on this thread XD

    but the others are awesome too...but cats. What can you do? shrugs

  • @obsidi0nangel said in Art requests?:

    @jaycano that cat was the most perfect thing on this thread XD

    but the others are awesome too...but cats. What can you do? shrugs

    That cat made me want to have one right now so I can cuddle it x3
    Cats aside, that's some really cool art and it makes me wish I practised more/had better drawing talent xD Kudos to you, @Czarbuckz, you've inspired me to try again!

  • Glad to hear it! Feel free to post your info here if you want a doodle. I mainly draw via Photoshop and a tablet so they don't take me too long. 😀

    To me, the characters I came up with in stories were always my inspiration to draw when I was growing up. I learned to draw so I could show people what I wanted characters to look like. And while I may be a good enough writer now to describe them to people, there's nothing quite like a picture to make it feel solid.

  • @sirblood have at it! Just give me some info to help me along.

  • @Czarbuckz Picture a man. A man of riches and luxury who looks at life as a joke, much like a clown. Consider him a rich clown. He looks at humanity and uses his riches to provide humanity with jokes. Jokes of bloodshed and torment. Torment of physical and mental pain.

    He tends to wear a suit of red and black. His eyes a dark coffee brown with his hair black as coal, short too. Wearing a pair of gloves stained with bits of blood and his black dress shoes soon to be dirtied an needing to be polished. His head is kept company by wearing a black fedora. But his face, his mouth cut into a giant mouth in a zigzag motion. His eyes given a slight tear shaped scar under both eyes as his pale skin glistens in the moonlight.

    And as he stands with a wicked smile, he takes his cane to go out for a stroll

    SirBlood, The Void's Precious Jester

  • Plotist Team: Keepers of Code

    @obsidi0nangel I know, right? Cats are awesome!


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