Hello! We're Czarbuckz and ObsidianAngel!

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    Yo! We're Czarbuckz and Obsidian, aka some seasoned -cough- writers that have come to Plotist after looking all over for a decent time lining app to track our various books on.

    We've been friends for the past ten years and have made all sorts of stories with each other across that.

    Currently, we're working on a series of books temporarily called The Mirror Realms (how boring, I know, It's a working title), a sort of backwards, bloody tale of three barely overlapping worlds and the creatures that inhabit them. The mischievous realm of the fae to one side, the militant kingdom of demons to another and the human realm sandwiched between them. The story has a lot of elements including the renewal of an ancient war, gods, angels, secrets and a slightly traitorous demon prince named Caine's friendship with the angel that starts it all, Sabine.

    With so many wild story elements and three books planned out practically on napkins, you can see why we needed Plotist.

    On a personal note, Hi, I draw most of our character art, map making and the orchestrator of most of the Kingdom of Haelia's moves. My co-writer is the real mastermind probably.

  • Yo, Obsidi0nAngel here!

    I'm the disorganized, messy, slightly forgetful one who sometimes has strokes of genuis and prays for them to pay off. I also tend to be long-winded and make most of the side characters, and most of the faerie and angel characters, so let's just call me the Character Generating Machine.

    As my friend said here she does most of the tough work. I can draw some but her skill compared to mine is like putting a kindergardener's drawings next to the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. On that note, it's mostly my job to create plot, world lore for Earth and the faerie world, lore for the angels, all that fun stuff. She works with me and keeps me from going to far out of bounds, because boy do I like going off on tangents XD

    This story has been in the works for almost eight years or so now so we've written, re-written, re-mastered and improved it along the way a /lot/, but it still has a ways to go before we can declare it anywhere near finished.

    Props go to my co-writer for kicking my butt into gear and keeping me focused on this story at all. Seriously, give her a pat on the back. I'm arguably ADHD with stories.

    When she found this gem of an app I all but fangirled over the idea, because I am not what you'd call organized and honestly I've been needing something like this for ages.

    Big round of applause for teamwork, guys. Without it I'd be on my 45th manuscript with the other 44 abandoned in the trash.

  • Hey guys, welcome to Plotist! :D Nice to see some teamwork going on ^-^ If you need any help or have any questions, don't hesitate to ask or post a thread on the forum!

  • Oh no, team rocket?! HIDE THE PIKACHUS!

    Hey guys, welcome to Plotist, I hope you guys are finding the application to your liking! It's so cool to see you two co-writing together, I'd love to see what you're building.

  • Hello there!

    Nice to see more peeps doing the collaboration thing on here. Also the "holy crap has it been over half a decade already?" thing. Yeah, that thing. Me and my co-writers... Our current WIP turns seven years old this October. They grow up so fast. :P

    Your story sounds pretty interesting and... I dunno... I like that title. ^^

    Hope to see you guys around the forums. :)

  • MEOWTH! DATS RIGHT! Da boss wants da pikachu so hand it over ya twerp!

    Welcome to Plotist! Hope you enjoy your stay here. Looking forward to your works, you two! ^^

  • Heya! Welcome to the forums!

    I've also found Plotist helpful for organizing multiple stories that take place in the same world. Without the app I would still be struggling with keeping the timeline of my main fantasy world organized :D

    I know that feel about ADHD with stories all to well D: I have gigantic manuscripts laying around because I set them down but when I come back I have new ideas that I don't know how to fit with the old ones.

    We have a couple of threads that might be worth checking out, if you guys are up to it! The Character RAA, where you answer questions from the POV of your character, and the Worldbuilding RAA, where you answer questions about elements of your world!

  • Plotist Team: Keepers of Code

    Hey guys! Welcome to Plotist!

    Your story does sound quite epic! I don't know why, but the idea of angels and demons always catches my attention, and considering everything else (fae, the three worlds, mystical creatures...) sounds amazing! @_@

    We are always trying to make things even better, so if there is anything you are missing, just ask!

  • Plotist Team: Community Storyteller

    Yay! I was looking forward to meeting you all over here on the forums! @Czarbuckz @sakuravanalen Welcome! I collaborate with a friend of mine and you two so remind me of us. One is organized, on point, the other is a creative genius. Obviously I am more the former, totally not the later. The latter is @Occi :D

    Still, I'm eager and excited by the things you've hinted at here, plus I'm super curious about the use of original artwork! We have a few comic writers and artists who use Plotist, so this excites me to not end. Probably because my idea of artwork is stick figures. :D

    Side not for you @sakuravanalen - if you head to your profile you can shift your name over to Obsid0nAngel if you want. Or if you would prefer, I can knock that out for you as well.

  • Aww, thanks guys! I'm pretty sure with we'd be glad to share some of my artwork or more story stuff with the forum if you wanted us to. Unfortunately outside feedback isn't something we have a lot of.

    Also, I'm so glad someone's still interested by wars of angels and demons! I'm always worried it comes off as contrived considering this one is unorthodox to say the least. Our war isn't written from the theological perspective so much as high fantasy and politics. Think Lord of the Rings, but neither of us are Tolkein (all hail the great masters of fantasy).

    Here, have one of my sketches of my demon Prince, because I luff him. He's also my icon.
    alt text

  • Ah! So much love and friendliness! I must have been sucked into a children's cartoon!

    Just kidding. This app has already proven itself so useful! I know I'm looking forward to the updates.

    Also, all your pikachus r belong 2 me now XD Glad to see some fellow lovers of pokemon <3

    After that remarkably horrific lapse in grammar....perhaps we'll share some of our story as we get more confident in it! no promises, though :P

    I was thinking "The mirror Realms" would be a decent series name....but that's just me. Since there's already 3 books worth of planning and one more to come XD

    Thanks for the suggestions, @typical_demigod , we'll check them out when we get the chance!

    @jaycano ohh thanks! It's not really the typical christian angels and demons, more....a fresh take on them. As two completely new species. I surely hope the end result can live up to how cool it sounds in my head.

    @Josey I'm not sure if I qualify as genius except on rare occasion when the moon is full. the stars align, and Cthulu stirs in his deep slumber. And I know I'm not ortganized, sooo....XD not sure where I fit in. Honestly, we do original artwork so we can get a physical image in our heads. Helps with showing and not telling the character if you can just pull up an image that shows what the one you're writing as would be looking at, so you'll know where your eyes are drawn first, last, what they overlook, etc. As formy profile....I'm sort of between my 70 year old grandma who doesn't know what caps lock is, or how not to use it, and a mildly proficient 12 year old who just learned how to use a computer to mess around on games, as far as techical skill goes. I actually looked around for a way to change it and kind of....gave up. I'm also someone who has the tendency to look for things for an hour while they're in front of my face and not see them, so....no telling if I missed it or what.

    Anywho, nice to meet everyone, thanks for the greeting, and I look forward to interacting wiht you all more in the future!

    Lots of love and support!

    ~ <3 Obsidi0nAngel <3

  • @Czarbuckz If you and @sakuravanalen feel comfortable enough to share some of your project, I'm certain that you will get a lot of excited feedback on it :D

    You are a fantastic artist by the way!

    @sakuravanalen I definitely don't think "The Mirror Realms" is a bad series title.

    For changing your username:

    1. Click on your profile pic in the top left of the screen (near the notifications bar)
    2. Click on "Edit Profile"
    3. On the left side of this page is a big version of your profile pic. Underneath of this is "Change Picture" and "Change Username"
    4. Once you click "Change Username", it takes you to a screen where you can change your username :)

  • Plotist Team: Community Storyteller

    @typical_demigod Cheers for explaining to them about that. I was going to link to the post I made, but ya made it easier! :D

    And thank you @Czarbuckz for sharing. It can be hard to share artwork. :D It looks nifty. And i love all the colours!

  • @typical_demigod bless you, sweet summer child. Or whatever you are. A demigod. Something XD

    And without further ado I'll go do that now XD

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