Defeating the Guilt Monster: How to take breaks from writing

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    Just because you can fill all your time with writing, doesn’t mean you should. But how to deal with the guilt?

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  • My guilt is usually more towards the level of dedication I've put into my writing as opposed to the level of dedication I put into actually paying work. :/

    Not saying that I half-ass my job, I'm very respectful of my clients and the fact I'm taking their money. I do my best. But... I really don't care about what I do on the same level. And I a part of me feels I'd probably be much better off in life by now if writing hadn't been a distraction all these years. >.>

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    It's interesting. I'm in a way the same. Though I vacillate based on certain factors. For example, trying to balance work, writing, and life, tends to lead this weird balancing act where my guilt will hit me for not doing one as equally as the other. :)

    I don't think you're alone there @Blackbird :)

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