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  • I am me, I live at home, I like my favorite things.

    Is this how it's done ? Meh, not quite satisfied with this.

    You know how to read (I think) so I won't tell my name. I'm french (So please forgive me for my huge number of mistakes). Curiously, I like writing, filming, watching movies, playing video games but not reading. (I can't keep focused on something for too long...) Well, well, well... What can I say ? I'm creating a fantasy story and this is my main hobby. If you're interested in it, just ask me...

    I guess I said the most important things. Well, I hope having fun here !

  • Welcome to the forums @superjawad63!

    I enjoy reading/writing fantasy and I am curious as to what your fantasy story is about, if you'd like to share! (If you want to share more of the world, as well, you could visit the Worldbuilding Respond, Answer, Ask thread! I know I would be curious to hear about the smaller details of your world.)

    If you ever need anything, don't be afraid to ask!

  • Welcome aboard, superjawad :) Nice to see a new face around here, and hopefully we'll see you around on the forums! Any chance you could tell us what your story's about?

  • Aye, It's a new person! Welcome to the club, we got cookies (or something else, like salads) and free writing feedback.

  • @typical_demigod


    Well, if you insist, I'll tell ya. Warning: This will be long. Very long.

    The story takes place in a really small world called "The Island". Long ago, six different races ruled over it. In the plains (Middle) , the humans built their little settlements, one of them on a mountain, near a river. The fairies chose to live in the forest (North-West), as they liked to take care of vegetation. Mermaids, obviously, settled in the coast (East), as they were amphibian creatures. Skeletons, who were not affected neither by cold, heat, hunger, sleep or anything like that, lived mostly in the frozen mountains (North) and the desert (South). Slimes, who like wet places, were mostly found in the swamps (South-West). Finally, Centaurs lived in small herd all around the world.

    As humans became more and more prosperous with time, the skeleton's leader started to feel jealous toward their king. So he did the biggest mistake in history (In-world history) : He assassinated the king. Humans declared war, immediatly joined by fairies and centaurs. As they did not want to take part in the war, mermaids ran away to the ocean. Slimes... Were neutral. They avoided the conflict, until the said leader promised to their queen he would do anything they wanted if they joined him.

    Because they were surrounded, humans began to fear their imminent death. Meanwhile, the centaurs fought with all their might, until they got extinct. Poof ! Like this ! Seeing how the situation have changed, fairies decided to do the final sacrifice and used all their magic to create 10 artifacts controlling various things. With those 10 artifacts in hand, the humans won the war and even created another dimension to exile the monsters in. Seeing how powerful were those weapons, they decided it would be wise to hide them all around the world so that nobody could ever find them. (But as you probably guessed, the main characters are gonna find them).

    300 years later, a young boy (Blink, 16y old) left his hometown to get to The Capital City (The town I talked about near the beginning) with his fairy (Apis, 16y old too, with the appearance and mentality of a woman in her twenties) to join the royal guard, leaving their friend Arya (15y old) and her fairy Esmeralda. They meet a lot of other people, most noticeably Sagitto, (one of the four captains, their new boss), Hercules and Hector (Two guards, not much, not less. They become friend real quick) and Specula (The royal scientist). While they meet with the scientist, the princess get crowned. Unfortunately, monsters came back, along with local creatures from their dimension (Dryads, Nagas, Golems and Harpys). As humans were not prepared for any conflict, they pretty much all died or got captured easily. Specula revealed a secret project of her: A cryogenic bunker hidden behind the storage room Blink was supposed to clean up. Joined by the princess, a skeleton who betrayed his race just to get people's attention (Nicknamed Pepito by the main character), and another of the four captains (Know as Magnus the Titan), they froze themselves during XXX years.

    Later, they woke up in a world where humans are reduced to nothing. most of them are dead and only little groups manage to survive. As the alternate dimension teared up, there was a "big boom" of magic, making the world's evolve much, much, much faster. In only five years, new animals and intelligent species (Orcs and Mothmen) and plants were discovered, and a whole volcano was created (Along with lakes etc...). As they discovered the Princess' crown is one of the artifacts and Blink remembered one of the people he met talking about the other artifacts, the group that found them (Self-proclaimed the Defenders) decided their only chance of survival was to find those artifacts and send back the monsters from where they came from.

    Well, that's already a lot of backstory, and I didn't even mentioned the details... There's a lot of character more-or-less important, more than 20 different town and 14 races (The races are the thing I'm the most proud of). I also made a lot of drawing to get a precise idea of what my characters looks like. Here's one showing the 14 different races (Sorry for the bad quality, I couldn't do any better):

    alt text

    From left to right (As it is written in french AND unreadable because of my camera's poor quality) : Human, Harpy, Fairy, Naga, Skeleton, Mothman, Mermaid, Slime, Spider, Centaur, Ghost, Golem, Orc and Dryad.

    Please tell me everything you have to say about this, I like criticism (Or at least I try to). And sorry to take your time by the way...

  • What kind of relationships do humans have with fairies?

    Why did Blink go to the Capital City? For a job?

    Do some of the creatures from the alternate dimension want to live in peace on the Island? Or have they all teamed up with the monsters and agreed to eradicate the humans and fairies first?

    That's all I can think of at the moment.

  • @typical_demigod Thanks, I wanted to do it short, and don't worry, all your questions have answers.

    1. As they almost got extinct, fairies became a very weak race. They originate from a temple near the town my main character lived and every time a new kid is born, a fairy is created at the same time and they will take care of each other during life. As the fairy's linked with the human, when he dies, she die. Generally, their relation is identical to a brother/sister one.

    2. Yes, he wanted to join the royal guard. There are a few explications about why he wanted it (Despite being the most innocent, passive, gullible person in the world). I'll maybe post it later, I still find it kinda stupid.

    3. Skeletons have 7 leaders, and every leader have a different idea on this topic. One of them want to absolutely kill them all, another only want to let the best ones live (Strongest, smartest etc...), some of them don't care or try to stay neutral. Dryads don't want any innocent soul to die, harpys, depending on the subspecie, have different opinions. For example, chicken harpys are pacifist while vulture ones aren't. Golems are skeleton's "slaves", so they stick with their owner, therefore their leader. Most slimes act purely by instinct and attack every organic life (-> Everything except themselves, Dryads, Skeletons, Golems and ghosts) .And nagas... Let's just say they try their best not to kill anyone, but it's hard for them...

  • Plotist Team: Keepers of Code

    Hello @superjawad63! Lovely to meet you here :) That world is very exciting, quite a selection of races. Sounds like there's a lot of complex stories to be spun (is that the expression?) in it!

    If you've ever got any questions or feedback about the platform please do let me know!

  • @superjawad63 Okay.

    I assume that means that when the fairy dies, the human dies?

    Yes, he wanted to join the royal guard. There are a few explications about why he wanted it (Despite being the most innocent, passive, gullible person in the world). I'll maybe post it later, I still find it kinda stupid.

    Is he misguided on the actual job of the royal guard, believing them to be one thing (probably they're publicly presented as being glamorous, virtuous, etc) while they are actually the complete opposite?

    I see. It's quite the mess then! (If you even know this far ahead in the story) When Blink finally assembles the 10 pieces, will he send all the monsters back to the alternate dimension, or will he let the peaceful ones (i.e., the chicken harpies) or the ones that are willing to become peaceful remain on the Island?

  • Oooh, I like this premise of yours! I've never heard of nagas before, though. What are they?

  • @typical_demigod Well, as fairies are made out of concentrated magic, it's hard to kill them in every day life, (They can make some kind of bubble shield to protect them from physical impact and can't die from sickness or old age) so it's unknown if this is the case. It's probably the case though.

    Well, for the job's thing, this is the part I consider somehow cringe. In my world, some rare humans (~10% of the total population) are born with colored hairs. It is accepted pretty much all around the world but in the Fairies Village, as this is probably the most remote place in there, people tend to act in a discriminatory way. One of the people with colored hairs is Blink (Along with his friend Arya (Btw that's way they're close to each other)). During his 16 years spent in this town, everybody hated him for being different.
    Twice a year, societies, companies or whatever come to the village to make some publicity (As this is a remote place, it's hard for them to hear about other places and the young inhabitants of the town are quite sought (Don't know if this is how you say it, used Google Translate on that one) because of their fairies) and once, it was the royal guard (Approximately 7 years before the beginning of the fiction). Habitually, Blink don't come to this sort of things, but he saw that one of the captains was also a colored-hair dude (Said captain is Magnus, one of the people that got frozen with him). Because he is both innocent and gullible, he simply though "Woah cool there are people like me up there ! I should go and join them !" completely ignoring the fact that being a royal guard means accepting to kill something/someone. As less and less people want to join the royal guard, he got recruited almost immediately.

    Alright, as of the end of the story... Well, first, Blink alone can't do anything. It's with the help of everyone willing to join them (And from a certain point of view, the vilains somehow helped making it easier to get the artifacts) that the humans managed to get all the artifacts. When it's done... [SPOILER] The main antagonist, one of the 7 skeleton leaders, will steal them all and become a god. After defeating him, everybody realize that sending someone to another dimension don't solve the problem. So (Almost) everybody agree to make peace and start building a better world. Quite a fun alternative to the "power of friendship" thing.

    @Shy_Not_Fly17 Nagas, also known as lamias, are half-human, half-snake creatures (As you can see in my drawing). I hope this answers your question ^^

  • @superjawad63 Ahhh, thank you for that, the picture wasn't showing up on my screen so I couldn't see it ^-^

  • Plotist Team: Keepers of Code

    Welcome @superjawad63! (Sorry I'm a bit late saying hello)

    Hope you can find a hideout/lair/batcave here, and if you need help with anything just let us know :)

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